We need you! Participate in the production of Blue Wood (Bosque Azul), a short film by Hugo Pepper.


The project






The journey of a Matsiguenga child looking for his father in the immensity of the Peruvian Jungle. During his trip, he will cross the path of a Shaman who will prepare him for the external threats he will face.


The short film will take place in the Manu National Park, located in the region of Madre de Dios in the Peruvian Amazon and will be entirely filmed in Matsiguenga language. This is an environmentally-conscious film which relates many of the issues our planet faces today and in particular the damages made in the Peruvian jungle.

Between 2007 and 2009, huge oppositions happened between the government and the indigenous communities to protest against the fast development of oil exploitation in the Peruvian Amazon. These protests led to the death of 23 police officers and a dozen of indigenous, as well as hundreds of innocents left wounded (cf el Baguazo). 

Since those events, the situation slightly improved in terms of consideration and protection of the indigenous lands and heritage, although much is left to be done in order to stop the illegal, and too often aggressive, exploitation of natural resources.



Through the aesthetic of Nature and the connection between the child and the jungle, this short movie aims to raise awareness towards the fragility of the Jungle, the scarcity of its resources, and the distress of its local communities.

The choice in filming this movie entirely in Matsiguenga language was made to provide a better understanding and reflection of how Native populations in the Amazon see the world, connect and interact with their precious Mother Earth.






Hugo Pepper Guevara

Director & Producer





Tiffany Dornoy






Roman Kasseroller

Director of Photography and Camera






Virginia Scavo

Sound engineer






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Why fund it?

The jungle is a gorgeous filming location, with untouched, luscious scenes sprawling for miles on. However, filming in the jungle is more constraining and complex than any other places.

Your contribution would give us the opportunity and important tools to bring this short film at its best.   



The collect will be deposited into the producer's account, Tiffany Dornoy. 


  Calendar :

Preparation of the film/Pre-production: scouting locations and actors: September 2017

- Filming of the short: October/November 2017

- Post production: film editing, mixing, sound edition, etc.: December/January 2018



Thank you for helping us make this a reality! 


Blue Wood

Hugo Pepper Guevara is a Peruvian director, born and raised in Cusco. In 2007, he starts in studies in Cinema, in the famous Fundación Universidad de Cine (FUC) of Buenos Aires, where he specialized in film directing. He started to work in several movies and in advertising, as producer and assistant director.

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Good luck Hugo! I don't know if you remember me, but I met you at your house many years ago--in 1995--as I was beginning to work for your dad as a guide. I like the sounds of your project. I am not sure if you'll see this message soon, but if so, please write me at floreyda@yahoo.com para conversar sobre la possibilidad en utilizar nuestro properidad Buena Vista--al lado de Erika--para un parte de tu producion. Saludos, Florian
Muchos éxitos y mucha suerte!!
Thank you so much, Laurence!! we really appreciate your help