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Thursday, September 13, 2012
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Deep, dark, hypnotic and addictive, Bright Curse evolves in the Heavy - Psychedelic scene represented by great bands such as Sleep, Graveyard, Colour Haze or more recently, Mars Red Sky. To achieve our first EP scheduled for the fall of 2012, we aim to raise the money needed for the recording with JB Pilon, at "Rock of London Studio", and the mastering, which will be made by Brad Boatright (Portland, Oregon) who worked on the recent reissue of the monolithic Sleep's "Dopesmoker". We need people who believe in us ! In addition to badges, stickers and limited edition posters, you will receive your free EP upon its release in digital format of your choice (MP3 or Flac). The most generous of you will also be able to meet us at private events. Enjoy the teaser below !


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Eternal thankfullness

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For €10 and more

Free MP3 or Flac of the album send directly to you as soon as it will be released (Leave a comment with your mail and the format you'd like to get)

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For €20 and more

We'll give you a limited edition badges and stickers + previous rewards

Backers 5Availability 95/100

For €50 and more

You'll receive a very limited edition of our first EP poster.

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For €300 and more

You have a venue where you want to see us play, we'll definitely come to play to that place for you! Our booker is already organizing it! + previous rewards

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For €500 and more

You have a private party and want to turn that into a big live gig? We come for you, we can play in your place, we've already done it in the past! + Previous reward

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For €1,000 and more

We take you on tour next year, in our van, we'll have fun and get gently drunk together! + Previous rewards

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