CAFFUNGI - urban farming

Coffee grounds aren't waste for Caffungi, they are an opportunity. Caffungi uses the coffee grounds to grow oyster mushrooms.

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CAFFUNGI - urban farming



It sounds like a stretch, but it is actually obvious. Coffee grounds are the ideal culture medium for delicious, fresh oyster mushrooms. International environmental experts and universities have been shouting about this for a while. Caffungi has only developed a technology that optimizes this process optimally.


We deliver delicious oyster mushrooms full of healthy minerals, proteins and vitamins.

We collect the coffee grounds from coffee bars and restaurants. After that, we prepare it for cultivating oyster mushrooms – at your home or in our own facilities. We use large cellars and other damp spaces, given that an artificial growing environment like that goes along with a great deal of CO2 emission. Our story has thus not been plucked out of the air. It just makes the air healthier.




We all like to drink our cup of coffee in the morning, but we don't realize the consequences it has for our planet. Every year we produce about 8 billion tonne coffee. That's a lot of coffee, and a whole lot of waste.


Caffungi doesn't see these coffee grounds as a waste product, we see it as an opportunity, a source of energy.With our technology we use these coffee grounds to grow fresh oyster mushrooms. They provide the ideal soil to grow mushrooms. But are also suitable for feeding cattle and for producing energy. Just like that we want to use coffee to wake people up. 












People no longer just want to eat what ends up on their plate. They also want to know how it gets to their plate. Mass production is increasingly giving way to small-scale production of organic, healthy food.


The cultivation of our oyster mushrooms is an ecological solution without trading in quality – to the contrary.

The mushrooms are delicious and contain the most-needed nutrients. For vegetarians, mushrooms are the ideal meat substitute. And the planet suffers a bit less under a mountain of waste.

You thus not only eat healthy, but also with common sense.







‘The idea was born during a visit to The Blue Economy by Gunter Pauli and the ZERI Foundation (Zero Emission Research Initiatives).’ ‘In The Blue Economy, people learn to cultivate food on organic waste, which immediately produces high-quality food. For your own consumption, but ultimately also for sales, to be able to provide for your own support.’


‘In Belgium, too, we have an excess of organic waste, such as, for example, the large amounts of coffee grounds from espresso and other coffee machines. This enormous mountain of coffee waste can be used as the basis for a substrate on which mushrooms can be grown.’









We collect coffee grounds at local coffee bars and restaurants.




99,8% of all coffee grounds ends up in the trash, but it's actually great soil for growing oyster mushrooms. 


Caffungi makes farming ridiculously easy. Place the box inside in regular daylight, follow the instructions and harvest the mushrooms after just 10 days. You can harvest about 3 times. The soil can later be used as compost. 










Oyster mushrooms grown om used coffee grounds. The Caffungi oyster mushrooms guarantee premium quality and are packed with flavor because we don't use aqua culture. 




When we produce bulk we often deal with overproduction. Because of that we went looking for a way to use these leftovers and avoid they end up thrown away. This is how the Caffungi Love Balls came to life. The balls are artisanally made with oyster mushrooms. We use chickpeas, beans and loads of fresh herbs such as coriander and parsley. We get these ingredients at local farms. All balls are hand rolled and don't contain preservatives. Our Caffungi Love Balls are 100% natural, free, local and vegan. 






You can find Pastaman every Saturday at the market in Antwerpen. There he sells artisanal pasta such as ravioli, cannelloni, mezzaluna, made with Caffungi oyster mushrooms. Fresh, veggie, local and delicious!

Allocation of funds



With this crowdfunding campaign we want to realize our future projects. We believe in the opportunities of a circular economy and want to beat the waste culture. It's important to us that we can produce decent, real food, locally produced with natural ingredients. Doing so we want to shorten the distance between farmer and consumer. Locally produced with local ingredients for local people!


At the moment Caffungi recycles about 14 tonne coffee a year. In order to recycle more, we need to expand. And to be able to do that we need your support! Right nog we have a beautiful urban farm in the heart of Antwerp. There we collect the coffee, produce the Caffungi kits and grow oyster mushrooms. 


Every day people offer us their coffee grounds, but the downside of coffee grounds is their short lifespan. To expand this lifespan we need to improve our lab and buy a sterilization machine. We would like to finance this with our crowdfunding campaign. That way you can keep enjoying your daily cup of coffee, and we can use the leftovers to create something new. 


The improvement of our lab will cost us 18.000 euros. The money raised with this campaign will be used to fund this. 


If we reach our 14.800 euro goal, you help Caffungi big time!


If we collect more money (which would be awesome!) we would invest it in the following things:

- An ecological electric bike. We need this to pick up coffee. 1000 euro

- An ecological van to deliver our products outside of Antwerp. (Right now we only deliver our products in Antwerp because we do everything by bike). 30.000 euro.

- More room to grow mushrooms. 20.000 euro / room

- An fully equipped kitchen to experiment with food and new products. Caffungi wants to create real, good food, and in order to do that we need space and materials. Right now we have our Caffungi Love Balls, but there are so many ideas still te be developed! 35.000 euro


Thank you for helping improve Caffungi and reduce waste. Together we can make a difference!


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