Cambodge 2016 - Les compagnons St françois

Support our rural development project at Kampong Prasat village in Cambodia.

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Cambodge 2016 - Les compagnons St françois



We are a team of five young scouts: Pictured left to right: Lucie Clement, David, Agathe and Alban. Our companion guides are also present: Véronique and Bruno



It was at Prasat Kompong that we fly away this August, a small village in the Cambodian countryside 40 km from the capital (Phnom Penh).

aerial photo of the town


Let us explain: It's there for over a year now that we have created our team mate. We knew most of them already for some years, which helped our understanding and our cohesion. We then had the same goal: Making a project that we had at heart, and internationally. Our expectations became evident, this project became the culmination of all those years of scouting during which sharing, adventure, friendship, and the love of experimentation have been transmitted to us. As part of our camp last summer, we conducted missions around the preservation of the environment at the festival "The breaking of Argeles sur Mer". Ensure site cleanliness, waste management and environmental awareness festival goers have punctuated our days. These missions we loved it, it seemed so obvious to keep that in mind. That's why we wanted to conduct an eco-volunteer project, combining the preservation of the environment and meeting.


We began our research by looking at the testimonies of Companions and this is when we came across this famous project of a team of Mulhouse having left last summer in Kampong Prasat. After sharing with them about their experience, the issue arose even more: They left for Kampong Prasat! Once our destination in mind, we had to contact the association and it is with great pleasure that they have agreed to work with us: The association "Rural Cambodia Development" was launched in early 2010 and aims to work for rural development in the village of Kampong Prasat. In this title, the term encompasses both agricultural development programs in the broad sense that the education of children in rural life in general. One of the first tasks that the DRC has set is to assist in the education of children of Kampong Prasat. On the other hand, the buildings are old and the work of the new school are not completed. The association also provided assistance to the installation in the village, like building a castle of water or the provision of individual water tanks.

For more information, here is his website: We will have different missions on site in order to provide help to the development of the village. - Waste management: bin buildings and a storage / create compost / awareness about adult and younger / ensure waste collection - Participate in French and English courses - Carry out activities with children - Restoring a library - Resume and end of the work of the companions came last summer.



Below the village children


This is a photo that was sent to us by the village head there a month "I am very happy to see you and work for children," he said.  



Finally, we will spend last week to discover the cultural treasures of Cambodia to soak up the culture.


Allocation of funds

We would like to build with Cambodian, an informative and useful project for them. We would also be util the association with which we will realize the project. Solidarity, sharing, openness to others and listening are the values ​​that we take to heart and we hope that this project can bring them into profit. We want to live solidarity to deny the fatalities: inequality, injustice, exclusion, poverty ... Indeed, we would like to immerse ourselves in this world that is new to us and help to transform it, to make it better. We will not be spectators of our project but actors bring our little thing, get involved to make things happen, on our scale. We wish to live experiences in a team, learn together the management of an ambitious project. We want to discover the country, its cuisine, its history, its beauties, meet its people. We would be open to the country's culture so different from ours and who will welcome us for a month. Biensur such a project on the other side of the world has a cost. We autofinançons a significant part of our project by paid services such as gift wrapping, service at weddings, babysitting, selling lighters, lilies or bake sales.


Agathe, David and Lucia to gift wrap


Clément working


The money collected will aim to fund our solidarity project in Cambodia! _quipecompas2-1461009760


Whether you are a business, community or an individual, your help is welcome to help us carry out our project. We will keep you informed of the progress of our project and we will invite you after our return to a presentation evening of our special experience Cambodia! The Association of Scouts and Guides of France is recognized as a charity by the state, your donations are deductible up to 66% tax



. Without you, our project will not succeed, so we count on you!

Thank you for your support Agatha, Lucy, Alban, and David Clement

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