Catalogue et Studio photo Festival Circulation(s) 2017


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Catalogue et Studio photo Festival Circulation(s) 2017

As the only photo festival in Paris, Circulation(s) is the unavoidable young European photo event. It will take place at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, from January, 21st, to March 5th, 2017.


Organized by Fetart, an association carried by 46 volunteers, the festival proposes a multifaceted gaze on Europe through photography.


Our main goal: helping the young photographers and make the public discover the young and innovating contemporary artistic creation. We have, indeed, exposed more than 225 artists et welcomed almost 300 000 visitors since the creation of the festival in 2011.


44 photographers have been selected by a jury composed of professionals from the image industry, led by Hercules Papaioannou, director of Thessaloniki Photo Museum, this year's godfather, José Manuel Gonçalves, CENTQUATRE-PARIS's director.





                                                                   © Sanne de Wilde




The photo studio is back: every week-end, you'll ba able to be photographed alone, with your family, or friends, by a professional photographer, in the true conditions of a XXth century photo studio. Get ready for our Valentines Day photo studio, on February, 11th and 12th.





                                                          Studio photo Faux Amis (2016)





To celebrate love with your lover, friends, children, or unknown people, come and have fun with us during our anti-Valentines Day party

- photo studios:  Guillaume Millet will pay a tribute to Araki, and more surprising photo studios are waiting for you!

- a performance of bondage by a bondage master

- a DJset

- a cocktail bar and snacks


And more to discover





                                                                    © Stéphane Winter




Workshops; Fetart Academy; book reviewsLittle Circulation(s), the exhibition for children, will punctuate this year's festival.


Further information:


- Facebook - Festival Circulations




You've been crying for it for years, we've been dreaming to be able to give it to you, here comes the most fantastic counterpart: THE 2016 ARTISTS' PHOTOGRAPH, in limited edition; obvi.

Only 30 of you will be able to acquire a 20x30 print (signed and framed) from one of the favorite ones of the public: Aglaé BoryYoann CimierBrice KrummenackerJulien Lombardi, and Pàtric Marin

Allocation of funds

1. Circulation(s) 2017 catalog


Like every year, we will publish the festival's catalog thanks to you. This catalog will be published by Bec en l'Air editions (, a publishing house that has been promoting photography for years. You will discover in this photobook the 44 photographers.





                                                                   © Weronika Gesicka




2. Photo studio, open to all, online booking


Open every week-end, the photo studio will be run by gifted photographers, who will give life to fantastic photos. Black and white, colors, family portrait, accessories... Everyone will get a taste of what they like!


Every one of you will go home with an authentic A4 portrait, signed by the photographers.


The booking as counterparty will be done via KissKissBankBank.






To have a look at our 2017 photographers, click here.

More 2016 photo studios pictures: Website & Facebook



€10 000 is the key amount for us to produce a catalog and to implement a photo studio we dream of: pretty, elegant, and neat! 




Good news for you, companies, Fetart is recognised as being in the general interest. You can thus reduce the taxation of a part of your donation!


Further information :




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***SPECIAL CATALOG*** Eternal gratefulness + your name on a cartel + 1 catalog as prepurchase (€22 in bookshops)
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  • Delivery January 2017

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***FETART PLAY + TOTE BAG*** Eternal gratefulness + your name on a cartel + 1 game Memory or Domino (6 types, 1000 limited copies) + 1 Circulation(s) tote bag. These games will make your children discover the world of photography.
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***SPECIAL ANTI VALENTINES DAY PARTY***FEBRUARY, 14th ONLY*** Eternal gratefulness + your name on a cartel + 1 photo at the anti Valentines Day photo studio (2 choices) + a glass of Champagne
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  • Delivery February 2017

For €49

***SPECIAL PHOTO STUDIO*** Eternal gratefulness + your name on a cartel + 1 photo studio
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***PHOTO STUDIO + CATALOG + TOTE BAG*** Eternal gratefulness + your name on a cartel + 1 photo at the anti Valentines Day photo studio (2 choices) + 1 catalog + 1 tote bag
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  • Delivery February 2017

For €200

*** LIMITED EDITION*** 2 VIP pass (access to the VIP opening + VIP party) + 1 catalog + 1 A4 print, signed and framed, of a 2016 Circulation(s) photographers (we will contact you for the choice)
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  • Availability: 23/30
  • Delivery January 2017

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