Help us survive this pandemic & continue our food & event journey

Help us survive this pandemic and continue our food & event journey

Project visual Help us survive this pandemic & continue our food & event journey
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Help us survive this pandemic & continue our food & event journey

The allround food and event concept Cécile from Brussels was born in 2016 from the craving for breakfast in bed. Today, Cécile can be counted on for event organization & catering, but also for breakfast, brunch or lunch at home or at the office. For each client we create a personalized event concept or menu where originality, fresh ingredients and homemade dishes are key. Our menus always consist of seasonal ingredients and we also work with regional specialties. The best example is our homemade granola, in which we use olive oil from the mountains of Morocco.


For individuals, we deliver brunch at home every first Sunday of the month and on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, ...

We also deliver our homemade pastries, granola, ... to Brussels coffee bars.

In addition, we provide the daily catering at LUCA School of Arts, where we also opened coffee bars on 3 campuses to make the offerings more fun and better for the students. The goal here was to offer healthy, tasty and cheap meals and others to the students. 

Allocation of funds

We have been out of work for one year now. We also tried to "reinvent" ourselves, but all we could do was to highlight our brunch boxes even more and complement them with apero boxes and sweet boxes. Soon many restaurants, coffee bars and even supermarkets started launching brunch boxes as well and now the competition is just too big. I get that everyone is trying to survive, but one of our original concepts now exists massively in the marketplace that we pretty much can't compete.

The schools are only open by appointment, so there we also had to close the hot kitchen as well as the coffee bars.

Home working is obligatory, so all offices are closed. No more breakfast or lunch deliveries for during the meeting.

Also events have not been going on for a year, no more organization and no more catering.

So we currently only exercise a tiny 5% of our business and with the growing competition who also offer brunch, this also risks disappearing.

1 year without income, very little government support but still all the bills and suppliers that need to be paid. With a small heart I ask you to support us and make sure that after this crisis we can just go back to work. I have fought for Cécile for 5 years, had many sleepless nights, known many early mornings, been alone in the kitchen for a very long time until I had a fantastic team of 4 permanent employees and 10 students in 2019. Meanwhile, I'm on my own again because I had to let everyone of my team go, and still trying to fight on to put us back on the map when everything goes back to normal.

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