!!1er Album!! Cloé's Gift (reggae band) - From Bretagne to Jamaica

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Project visual !!1er Album!! Cloé's Gift (reggae band) - From Bretagne to Jamaica
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!!1er Album!! Cloé's Gift (reggae band) - From Bretagne to Jamaica

Hey l'ami devant ton écran!!! 

tu aimes le blues? le folk? le jazz? le rock? nous aussi

Redemption Song c'était l'entrainement, la rencontre, maintenant place à nos compositions :)

Avec Kenrick et quelques bières, on a commencé à écrire, Kenrick et sa guitare, moi et le reggae. 

L'idée c'était d'amener des musiciens non reggae à s'intégrer aux compositions, avec des inspirations multiples, le plus de mélodies et vibrations possibles :)

Un reggae à notre sauce à proposer en Jamaïque pour être chanté!! On n'oublie pas les fondateurs. On va tout donner pour les surprendre.

Les intrus ont voyagé, vers l'ouest pour trouver Kingston et Kim Pommell (Groundation), Sherida S.Sharpe (Groundation) et Lymie Murray ont donné de leur voix.

Bonne écoute

(La mise en page c'est pas mon fort, les liens soundcloud sont après les photos)

We come from many different horizons when it comes to music. The project is : an album with 9 to 11 tracks with different singers from Jamaica.

Cloe’s Gift is an adventure. Musiciens from different horizons meeting on reggae. Between France and Jamaica, you will hear some reggae, but  with flavours from our musicians. We hope to create something unique.

This project has risen from a meeting. Micka met Cloé, she had a friend Kim.

For Cloé's birthday, Mika decided to do a cover of Redemption Song, he recorded different friends to add on his guitar and Kim voice. 

This act rose the idea of an album of our own compositions.  We started to write, compose, record, far from each other and most of the time together with our own material, home made versions of the songs.

Hère is a glimpse of our work. It motivates us a lot to do more. Our goal is to collaborate with many different singers but always the same musicians.  Keep in mind this are just in construction. Here you will here Micka, Kenrick, Nico and the first shot of Micka on the drums, you could watch on his picture. Gaby is currently working on his piano, not yet added.





Listen to those musicians by themselves?

Gaby and Micka: ici to listen

Kenrick: ici to listen


Kim Pommell (Groundation) joined us. She lives in Kingston, propose the tracks around her to different singers. today we have the 3 you heard, 2 more with Lymie Murray and more text and instrumentals flowing through the air.

Sometime it will be Kenrick lyrics (Purple Sky, New Age), sometime they write their own text and melodies (Bad Preacher). Do it as you feel! Kenrick will answer with his guitar.

Text and melody are inspired by blues, mixed to the reggae beat of the composer and the creativity of the musicians.

We have benne honored to play with great singers as Kim Pommell or Sherida S. Sharpe (Groundation) but also The Gideon, or Lymie Murray on Wendy and Persistence (soon come).

Lymie Murray

The Gideon

To keep on paying studios and singers in Kingston, now is the time we need you!



Allocation of funds

Cloe’s Gift first tracks are home made, trains have been taken to record, microphones, guitars, computer, home studio on my back.  This crowdfunding will help us pay the next tracks

- Singers in Jamaica

- Hours in the studios (singers, drummer)

- Production

- Material

- Mix/Mastering

If we reach this goal, we could do so much more, new artists, better sound. Amazing for us as you can imagine. The more one receives, the more he gives :)

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