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Please, support a young French fashion designer!




Marguerite Creze


Marguerite Creze was born in Paris, where she studied different art disciplines. 


Fascinated by fashion and the printed image, she defines a personal world and her own style. 

In June 2015, she graduated from l'ESAG Penninghen in graphic design and art direction and launched her eponymous brand in January 2016.  


T-shirts, which she regards as  must-have garments, are her means of expression and creation. Inspired by and for her muses, she designs and produces her prints herself in her creative studio in Paris.


“Le Club Chatons“ is the theme of her first collection of Unisex T-shirts ; she calls them Cosmos, Rocknlove, Cococha, Nightcat, Jungleboop, New York, Milkshake, Bastet, Pepita, Goodvibes, Fullofjoy, Purplemiaou, OscarGray, 1999, Madame Chat ... 




Marguerite finds the inspiration with her muses, both women and men alike, English, Japanese, French and Italian fashions, movies, contemporary ballets, luxury goods and niceties, ancient Egypt, paintings, sports, Paris, Berlin, Biarritz or the California of the 1970s…




She creates a universe linking fashion and graphic design. She works using different tools from the print image sector. She designs her prints manually then digitally before printing them on textile.




All T-shirts are made of organic cotton produced without the use of harmful products. That is what makes them so soft and comfortable. The use of environmentally friendly ink for textile printing is favoured.



t-shirt 1999.



t-shirt rocknlove.



t-shirt cosmos.



t-shirt madamechat.



t-shirt Cococha.


t-shirt Kisskiss (édition limitée, 30ex).


Other themes, other prints halfway between figuration and abstraction, are in the making.

(pictures will be available soon)


The aim of this fundraising


- An independent brand


Thanks to these funds, Marguerite Creze will be able to develop her brand independently, by controlling her production and concentrating the different stages of creation in her own studio. 


- An equipped creative studio 


To work and to produce the brand, Marguerite needs  professional machines, such as a textile print, as well as a thermal press in order to obtain even more beautiful prints.  

- A secure e-shop


The funds will also enable Marguerite to have a carefully encoded webzine designed by a professional developer so that you can order  online securely. 




Your support 


The philosophy of this first collection is also the idea of ​​a club formed by its first customers, friends and fans. By supporting this first collection, you become a member of the Club. and you can enjoy all the exclusive offers: free shipping for a period of 1 year, priority in shipping services and orders, a privileged access to the private sales, special offers, promotional codes, personal invitations to Club events…



Thank you very much for your help! ♡


Allocation of funds

A textile print (>13 000 €)




A thermal press (>650 €)



A secure e-shop (> 3300 €)



Thank you ♡


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