Compostelle : le chemin d'un livre

Alone with my donkey, a journey to Santiago Come and join me in this adventure!

Project visual Compostelle : le chemin d'un livre
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Compostelle : le chemin d'un livre

The project:


I want to write the story of my personal adventure, going all the way and back to Santiago de Compostella, on foot with my donkey, starting in Aniane, a small village in South of France. I wish to learn from my encounters with the pilgrims and villagers and capture it all together in a book.


Goal: 3,000 euros


Who am I?


My name is Aurélie, I am 26 years old.

I am an explorer and an adventurer.

I am passionate about life, nature and human relations.



            I am finding myself un-eased and sick living in a world in which the pursuit of a material wealth jeopardizes mother nature, our survival and well being. We fall in an almost robotic pattern of sleep and work which removes us from our natural rythms we were born with. I want to challenge myself to let go of confort, rethink my life and practice living in the moment in nature with my donkey, observing, collecting stories of pilgrims and villagers bonded together by an ancestral spiritual walk in an outstanding natural beauty.



Project details:


I will leave from Aniane with my donkey to Santiago de Compostella in Spain.



            The work will be for me both internal and external. I will collect pilgrims´life stories, their histories, and information on the pilgrimage. It will be about pushing my physical limits as well as searching for that meaning of life! My goal for this journey is to gather the substance necessary to create the book. Aside from the pilgrims´testimonials, I will keep a travel journal, collect information and messages from drawings to poems, photographs, myths and legends, and fun anecdotes.


Concrete terms:


            I plan to leave in September walking from Aniane, Hérault, France along with my donkey for around 950 miles to reach Santiago de Compostella in Spain. I anticipate it will take around 3 months one way spending ample time to be with people I meet along. The round trip will be approximately 1,900 miles, an estimated six months to complete. A blog will be updated regularly throughout my journey featuring photos, videos of interviews, my progress and discoveries, and songs heard and collected. Here´s the link to the blog with a special section inviting comments and suggestions from you to integrate them in the project



The book:


            This book represents an interactive and collaborative work from interviews of hikers, pilgrims, and villagers as well as the contributions from the bloggers. It´s my way to honor the wisdom of the people I meet and nature´s own wisdom. I wish to inspire readers to stop for a moment, breathe, and think about our own impact on this planet, and perhaps take on their own journey. The book will be sold on the blog. All rights reserved.





Allocation of funds

Budget details:


             Purchase of the donkey from a local farm 1000

             donkey´s gear 160

             Outdoor all weather clothing and camping gear 900


8% kisskiss taxes

25% incentives expenses


The accomodations (food and camping spots), the creation and book making expenses will be covered by personal income.

Any considerable amount raised over the goal will be redistributed to non-profit organisations along the way to Santiago.




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