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I am Coralie Taschot, a 29 year old artist. Here is my journey.

I was born with a pen in my hand.

Drawing is my main passion and I spent all my childhood scribbling everything that came to hand.

From kindergarten to my journalism studies, I never stopped scribbling, sketching, copying. In short, create ..

In 2010, on the advice of my relatives, I started selling my drawings.

Five years later, I organized my first exhibition on Ile d'Oleron with my friend Remi Nebra aka Aride Illustration.


In 2017, I was cut to exhibit at the French week in Miami.

The exhibition allowed me to sell a work, but also to meet local artists and receive advice from major galleries. A real boost for my career.

I moved to Paris last year to try to achieve my dream: to become a full-time artist and live my passion.

Despite some complicated beginnings in the capital, my determination ended up paying: I was chosen to exhibit my drawings at the 10th edition of the Business Art Fair in Saint Germain (Paris 6th).

A week later, I was contacted by Mrs. Myeong-Hee KIM, Director of the Beauty Gallery of Matin Calme located in the 15th arrondissement.

She congratulated me for my work and proposed to participate with her artists in the art fairs of Brussels (Belgium), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea) and China planned in 2019. A proposal I have obviously accepted.

So I started saving to finance my trips.

But last January 12 a bad fall forced me to review my plans.

A nice Parisian made me fall suddenly and left on the ground. Result: the head of the right humerus broken and three months off work. The beginning of the galley. Without pay, my savings to finance my exhibitions went up in smoke.

It is for this reason that I seek your help, this wonderful exhibition project will not be able to emerge without you.

Your donations would allow me to exhibit my works in Tokyo from June 4th to 9th. The opening is June 4, 2019, my 30th birthday. A sign of destiny that encourages me to surpass myself.

Then possibly in Brussels (March 13-17), Seoul (June 10-16) and China in October if budget allows.

You can follow all my travels / exhibitions LIVE by watching my stories on my Instagram account Corart_ and all my news on this same account and on my Facebook page Corart.

THANK YOU to all


Allocation of funds

Customs Package, Representation by the Gallery: 1200 €



Train ticket AR: 90 €

Hotel 7 nights: 500 €



Air Ticket Paris-Tokyo: 430 €

8 nights hotel: 700 €



Air Ticket Tokyo-Seoul: € 200

8 nights hotel: 300 €

Air Ticket Seoul-Paris: 400 €


China (project in progress):

One week show, plane + hotel: ~ 700 €


A TOTAL of 4350 €.

With 2000 €:

    customs and representation fees

With 3500 €:

    customs and representation fees

With 4500 €:

    customs and representation fees

And if we exceed this budget I could organize an exhibition on a longer period in a gallery or an atypical place in Paris where I would invite you with great pleasure for an aperitif-meeting.

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