CORONAVIRUS | Black Mnesis | The Film

Crime among surviving citizens has become more deadly than the virus

Project visual CORONAVIRUS | Black Mnesis | The Film
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CORONAVIRUS | Black Mnesis | The Film


Coronavirus | Black Mnesis | The Film


The idea



This work is a reality, which as we know always exceeds fiction. Criminal organizations adapt to everything and very quickly, this crisis presents real opportunities. The demands at very high prices for medical supplies, containment having emptied the streets, leave the field free to violent settling .

Dusertion of posts in penitentiary centers, police stations and hospitals have turned the world's largest capitals into an arena.

A powerful organization  found a treatment restrained in 24 hour immune pastille.

These pills have become the main currency of this jungle, like gold at one time.

These pills are very rare, they unleash the passions of criminals who have survived the virus. The only way to get your hands on these pills is to go to war against this organization or to render them "small services".




We want to perpetuate a legacy and topple everything that seems conceivable. Tarkovski said the cinema uses our lives and not the opposite.

He's been using ours for a while now, our lives have never had more meaning than in the palm of the 7th art.



Your Support is Decisive



This project is the first signal of a change that we will create in the movie industry. A quest into the mechanisms of historic masterpieces to deliver a timeless work.





Creativity is our number one asset. Our speed of writing, filming, editing and distribution allows us to be the pioneers in topical subjects like the Covid19 crisis.

Cinema is one of the short cuts that the imagination takes to explore the inexpressible. Help us and we will show it to you!




Allocation of funds

The money collected



The gold collected thanks to your donations will be used for the development not only of a project but of a new wave. We are not here for a "one shot", we appreciate, like our characters, the automatic weapons.

Your help will finance actors, technicians, special effects and above all new audiovisual content.

It will allow filming, editing and broadcasting in record time, a project that would have taken several months or a year in the usual film production circuit.






Our actors are not those we are used to seeing on screen, a little too much energy and dazzling from their old aborted castings.

They do not play they embody. After long months of wild casting and sharp rehearsal, that we now have a formidable pool of interpreters, personifying in a rush towards their macabre way out, the darkest sides of our species.




They are more adventurous than geeks, their expertise and their artistic line combined with nerves of steel, allow us to have a monopoly on the spots where no other film crew would risk and extract the essence of one of the mysteries of this art.



Hugo said "Form is the bottom that rises to the surface".

Black Mnesis is a summary of lived experience, historical research but also the breathtaking journey of some of the most dangerous thugs of organized crime.

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