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The project in 2 words : Cultural center in around the art in all its forms: dance, yoga, exhibition of work, culinary art, music, photography etc... During the day, the room will be used for classes and in the evening the room will be used or rented for cultural events. In parallel, we continue to organize thematic events around the world around activities such as yoga, hiking, dance that allow people to get to know each other and learn new things. Creators and origins of the project Daria, CEO Of Russian origin, born in Kazakhstan, I have always been passionate about art, culture and travel. In Russia, in parallel to the classical school, I did an art school, dance and I was part of a scout organization (we lived every summer in a forest in tents, and in the mountains in Georgia). At the age of 15 I realized that I wanted to live abroad. I started to look for ways to make this dream come true and that's how I arrived in France at the age of 17, without knowing the language, without family. I started and finished a course at the International Hotel Management School Vatel where I specialized in event management. I had the chance to work 6 months in Thailand as an Event Manager and I organized weddings of 400-500 people, this experience allowed me to understand that I am made for the organization of creative events. Then I did an MBA in Digital Marketing at Anaxago (crowdfunding platform) where I also worked as an Event Manager. This company led me to the world of entrepreneurship. This is how I came back to my first passion, dance. I told myself that everything is possible and that we only have one life, and I auditioned at the professional hip-hop dance school Juste Debout. It was the best decision of my life. At the same time I continued to work as a freelance Event and Community Manager. Four years ago I also started teaching bachata, salsa, and yoga. I have also organized Yoga, Dance and Adventure Retreats in Lake Annecy, Mallorca, Italy, in Bivouac in the Alps, and currently I am preparing a Retreat in Sri-Lanka. I also organised Dance Events in different hotels as Mama Shelter Paris, Mama Shelter Lille, Marriott Opera Paris. In September 2020 I launched my first dance school. I rented a studio for a few hours a week. We had success and many students until the second confinement. Despite the covid I continued to do choreographic workshops in small groups, for women. The objective was to film a video at the end to allow them to get out of their comfort zone and open their femininity. Since 5 years I have the idea of creating the cultural center around dance, artistic events and all kind of art. I want to promote artists through events, and also bring people closer to art, education and teach them to love their bodies, learn to communicate with others and remove their complexes. I feel that people trust me, my students change thanks to the dance and the trips I organize. For a year I have been blogging and I have more than 6500 people now who follow me and want to be part of my classes and the things I organize. Anna, Marketing Strategy Manager Anna is a marketing strategy manager. She is currently a student in communication and marketing at EFAP, a school for new communication professions. After obtaining a degree in business management, she has acquired a solid know-how in the creation and prior implementation of a viable business. Also, her professional experience in the management of social networks allows her to find the right partnerships and new clients. Finally, she is able to take charge of a business in order to contribute to its growth. Her passion is not limited to setting up or running a business, as she is also very passionate about art and travel. Adem, Legal Counsel Adem is currently a lawyer at the bar of Avignon. He recently joined a law firm called SEDLEX ASSOCIATES. He is specialized in business law and criminal law. Before starting his profession, he was a teacher at the law school of Avignon and Montpellier for almost 6 years. In 2017, he defended a thesis in Competition Law. His professional experience, both at the theoretical and practical level, allows him to have a global vision on his cases. He likes team sports and is a collector car enthusiast. The project in details Today, with the crisis of covid, in France, there is 1 out of 5 French people who suffer from anxiety and depression: 22.7%. Twice as many people suffer than in normal times, without the crisis. Since November this figure does not decrease. It is a real problem, and I have noticed it in my students, and I feel a real need for people to communicate, share and open up more. This cultural center has several goals: Development of young artists Reels meetings, exchange Conferences around art, discussion on cinema, culinary art, literature, without the academic aspect To remove people's complexes, to give them self-confidence, through dance and yoga Place where people can spend their whole day, learn new things Mission To facilitate the creation of friendship, relationships. To aim for the moment of pleasure, "good mood". The event market: This sector represents a very large industry that brings together many companies and other fields of activity. The management of all types of events requires different stages of realization. This sector is very active and dynamic and is experiencing an increasing evolution. The event market is often focused on seminars or conferences, thematic evenings and tastings. This market has experienced a great evolution thanks to the digital revolution. Despite the fact that, due to the crisis, the event boxes have experienced a great loss, this sector is necessary in a society where the need for sharing, communication and exchange is high. It is assumed that in autumn 2021 - 2022 the demand will naturally increase, following the crisis in 2020. In Europe, this sector has a potential of 65 billion euros. It has an annual growth rate of about 7%. The dance and yoga market: Dance encourages people to get out of their comfort zone, meet new people and work on their bodies. Dancing as a couple is also a very good way to meet a partner without the use of dating sites, in a fun way. Yoga develops a spiritual side, helps to fight anxiety. This practice has become very fashionable in the last 3-4 years. These activities can help to solve concerns after covid-19, such as: depression, obesity, anxiety. Many schools have stopped this activity since this year, but the demand remains the same. Projections 2021: Launch of Art Space StepUpFree 2022: Search for a larger venue with multiple rooms. We would like to find a larger venue to separate the spaces: dance, events, leisure. 2023: Opening of Healthy Restaurant in Art Space, Creation of application for booking classes, dance rooms, events.

Allocation of funds

To make the place even more unique we need to : Make some repairs 5000€: put mirrors, paint furniture and walls, buy the necessary event material. Marketing campaign 1000€: target via instagram, facebook ads, events promotion. Opening Event (Open Doors Weekend) 1500€: invite famous dance teachers to attract the attention of as many prople as we can (400€), cocktail for the evening event (300€), photographer (250€), videographer (250€), musician (300€). Capital for three months in advance to call good professionals and teachers 2500€ We are looking for the financing of our project within the next 2 months. In exchange we would like to offer access to events and courses for free or with lower prices depending on contribution.


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6 Free Classes (Yoga, Dance, Nutrition Coaching)


    Included (your choice): - Yoga and Meditation classes - Dance classes (Sala, Bachata, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Strip Plastique) - Fitness classes - Stretching classes - Nutritional advice and program

    Estimated delivery: October 2021

    Online Yoga/Dance/Fitness Course


      You can choose the program you prefer: - 10 Online Fitness classes for each part of the body (each class is around 12-30 minutes) - 12 Online Yoga Classes for all levels (each class is around 12-30 minutes) + Guided Meditation - 6 Online Bachata Lady Style Classes + Learning 2 Choreographies (Beginners, Inter, Advanced) As a bonus : you can send me your videos and I will correct your mistakes!

      Estimated delivery: September 2021

      My Nutrition Guide: New Body, New ME


        This guide: Explains the basics of healthy nutrition Helps us understand in practice what are the essential elements for our body What to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner to feel better and improve your body. I also explain what these carbohydrates, proteins and fats are and how much we should eat per day.

        Estimated delivery: September 2021

        Nutrition Advice & Program


          Personalised Nutrition Program (Menu Plan, Advice for the physical activity )

          Estimated delivery: October 2021

          Unlimited Classes & Events(Dance/Yoga/Nutrition/Sport) for 1 year


            Unlimited Membership Include: Dance Classes Yoga Classes Fitness/Stretching Classes Nutrition Advice 10% of discount for all events

            Estimated delivery: October 2021

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