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DAMUR – Fashion by people

High fashion, Accessories, Design of objects

Project visual DAMUR – Fashion by people
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Monday, June 08, 2015
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We’re going to start a social fashion brand. And you can become a part of it! Help us to make high fashion accessible and functional.

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I am interested in DAMUR's creative process. Now, how can I participate in it already!?
That's easy. From now until the end of our 'Fashion by people' project, we will post 2 ~ 3 questions concerning the creative process for our 002 collection in our D-ialogue page (www.damurstudio.com/dialogue) every week. What you can do is, leave a comment about your opinions or ideas on the bottom of the page and our team will be in touch with you as soon as we can. Another alternative is following our social medias. There, you will find more surprises than you can imagine! www.damurstudio.com www.facebook.com/damurstudio instagram.com/damurstudio www.twitter.com/damurstudio www.linkedin.com/company/damur-gmbh
What are the differences of being a normal consumer or a banker (DAMUR Fans) or a banker with our VIP access (DAMUR Friend & Ambassador)?
Being a consumer is simply the traditional B2C business model. Which is not our ideal concept. Being a banker (DAMUR Fan) is the 1st step for having communication with us. However, without VIP access in the future, you are not able to participate in our process/discussion, which we strongly believe is the most valuable experience for both parties. Being a banker with our VIP access (DAMUR Friend & Ambassador) is definitely the best way to participate in our creative process. With VIP access, you will receive project task progress. You also are able to review the documents and discussions in our social platform. The most important, however, is once you are our VIP you can always enjoy our VIP benefits and future event invitations!
What is the difference between DAMUR—Fashion by people and the DAMUR E-shop?
The difference is, by supporting via DAMUR—Fashion by people, we can close the gap between you and us. And this is what we want!
How to choose the right size when buying our clothes?
Our T-Shirt is available for women and men. Both genders are currently available in 3 sizes: S, M and L. You also have a choice of two colors: black or white. For our Icelandic washable salmon skin trim T-shirt, it is designed as a “smart fit“ pattern. All our sizes are fit to true size, so please order your normal size. At the end of the project you can request the size and color.
How to order the right style when buying an accessory?
For our iPhone case, at the end of the project, you can request the size and color. For cardholders, tot bags and reversible tote bags, at the project's conclusion you can request the color.
Your E-shop only has six products right now, will you have more items in the future?
Yes, we will have more than 20 new items in our E-shop after the project is over. A very big difference between DAMUR and other brands is we don’t do stock service. In this case we have a chance to offer you an exclusive service – General made to measure. Interesting? Write us an e-mail with your inquire via sales@damurstudio.com
If I have some other questions or interested to join the DAMUR team, how can I contact directly to DAMUR?
For general questions, please contact us directly via info@damurstudio.com For sales questions, please contact us directly via sale@damurstudio.com For press inquire, please contact us directly via press@damurstudio.com