Assistance for hospitals in Lodi (Italy)

Support doctors, nurses and caregivers in Lodi hospitals who fight coronavirus

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Assistance for hospitals in Lodi (Italy)

Dr Manuela Piazza, co-founder of the Italian association Guardavanti and infectiologist at the Lodi Hospital in northern Italy, sent us a call for help.

Dr Manuela Piazza, infectiologist at the hospital in Lodi

In recent days, Italian hospitals are facing an unprecedented health emergency due to COVID19, or "coronavirus".

Doctors, nurses and caregivers are exposed daily to deal with this crisis.

The hospital network of Lodi is composed of 4 structures (Lodi, Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, Casalpusterlengo and Codogno). Codogno Hospital is also infamous for admitting the first Italian patient severely affected by the virus to intensive care. With the majority of the financial aid going to the largest hospitals, the hospital network of Lodi lacks equipment, which limits the action of the caregivers and puts them at risk.

To date, the four hospitals have almost exclusively coronavirus patients and are in a state of collapse: extra beds are needed every day and hospital staff desperately need respirators and protective kits. The hospital may become completely overloaded and not be able to guarantee essential services not only to infected patients, but also to other patients.

Transfer of a patient to be treated at one of Lodi hospitals

The purpose of the collection is to purchase respirators, complete protective kits ( gloves, goggles, mask, overshoes, protection cap ) and disposable glove boxes for the Lodi hospital network.

Allocation of funds

Project aim is twofold:

  • Purchase personal protective equipment for all hospital personnel to ensure their safety.
  • Purchase respirators to increase the capacity of the intensive care unit.


1 box of 150 disposable gloves = 9 €
1 complete protection kit = 40 €
1 respirator = 17,000 €

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