Documentaire : "Le film noir des violences sexuelles"

Fund the documentary project: « The Black movie of the sexual violence »

Project visual Documentaire : "Le film noir des violences sexuelles"
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Documentaire : "Le film noir des violences sexuelles"

Detailed presentation of the project


Title of the documentary : «Le film noir des violences sexuelles » / « The Black movie of the sexual violence »


Réalisateur / Director « Aurore Van Opstal »



Duration : 80 minutes for a release in the cinema and in festivals



Pitch : Every quarter of an hour, a woman is being raped in Belgium. What are the psychological and physical consequences of a rape? How can one describe the culture of the rape and of the patriarchy? How are the victimes being cared at therapeutic and psychatric levels ?



Summary of the story: In this movie, we shall try to demonstrate what is the traumatic dissociation, the culture of the rape, the sexual  hyper-objectivation of women, the traumatic memory, the lack of relevant therapeutic and psychiatric support at present time, the political measures that would be needed. The film will not only provide testimonies, it will also display a sociological / political approach through the look of experts, in particular Doctor Muriel Salmona, one of the leading experts on the subject.





I want to produce this documentary by myself in order to keep my freedom of speech.


The heroes / heroines of the documentary:





Mélissa (assumed name) underwent the incest by her father from 5 to 12 years old. She has been hospitalized for several weeks in a psychiatric hospital in Belgiumwhere we followed her. She is bipolar and she cannot forget hell which she lived. She survives rather than she lives.






Gaëtan Vermasse underwent a rape by her sister at the age of 8, he is in chronic depression since that time. Today, 39 years old, he is hospitalized. We followed him during his hospitalization in Belgium.





Mary-Lise underwent the incest by her father and her brother as well as multiple stressful and traumatic episodes during her existence. Mary-Lise has been roaming from hospitals to hospitals for years, we followed her during her hospitalization.





Samantha was sexually abused by her father when she was a child and she was forced to become a prostitute when she was an adult. We collected her testimony.




Dr. Muriel Salmona, is a psychiatrist-psychotherapist, a researcher and a trainer in psycho-traumatology and victimology and president of the association « Mémoire Traumatique et Victimologie ». She is in charge of the Antenna 92 of the Institute of Victimologie, she initiated free and anonymous experimental consultations in psycho-traumatology for women who were victims of violence in Clamart ( 92 ) and in Romainville (93).  Her last work : « Violences sexuelles – les 40 questions-réponses incontournables » (2015) : Two videos on the works of Dr. Muriel Salmona : AND



L’équipe du film / The team of the movie









Director of the documentary: Aurore Van Opstal.

I write in the press (« Le Soir », « Marianne Belgique ») for about 10 years, , I co-wrote a book, « Israël, parlons-en » (Couleurs Livres), when I was 18 and I make documentaries, since I was 20 with the Director Pierre Carles. In 2012, I co-directed a documentary on the media coverage of the French presidential elections : « Hollande, DSK, etc. ». You can watch it here: . In 2015, I took part as interviewer in the documentary " Opération Correa " on the anti-IMF (International Monetary Fund) politics of the Equator. The two trailers:  AND

The film :



I underwent myself rapes by paedo-criminals from my six to my twelve years.

I testified of it in the Belgian daily newspaper « Le Soir ».




I also testified on the private Belgian TV channel RTL-TVi :


Here is the video of the debate :

Here is the short version with my intervention only :

The link to the article :






Fabrice Byloos, Editor and cameraman : He is the father of three young children. Fabrice is fascinated by his job. He works in field of video (as a producer and director) in the Charleroi region in Belgium. He has been working for TéléSambre, he currently works for the TV programm « Une brique dans le ventre » of the RTBF.


This is one of his works :


Allocation of funds

How will be used the collected money ?

- Pay the cameraman (350 euros/day)

- Pay the sound engineer (150 euros/day)

- Pay the travel costs to go question the victims and the experts (Thalys ticket Bruxelles-Paris to go interview Doctor Muriel Salmona) 

- Pay the director (80 euros/day) 

- Pay the equipment (260 euros) 

- Pay the editing (350 euros X 10 days) 

- Pay the English version (200 euros) 


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