Domades: itinérance,cirque,social,auto-gestion,dôme

aidez nous a partager des sourires et de la confiance en soi grâce au cirque

Project visual Domades: itinérance,cirque,social,auto-gestion,dôme
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Domades: itinérance,cirque,social,auto-gestion,dôme

We are Carine Galichet, French, architect, and Carlos Cardoch, Chilean, midwife, and we decided to embark on and devote ourselves to our passion: circus and education; from which was born the project Domades (in Chile).

We are back in France with our traveling circus school, and we want to cross the borders, in contact with municipality, prisons, schools, hospitals, MJC, businesses .... the most remote and unusual places, to show and teach the art circense for everybody and everywhere.

The project also targets families, learning by playing between parents and children, creating links thanks to the benefits of the circus: trust, teamwork, laughter ...
The ultimate goal: the Himalaya! but we are not in a hurry! on the road we want to go through communities that live differently, share knowledge, such as eco-construction that is a subject that we hold dear.
Moreover, from our little hands was born a space to dream, create, play, and learn: a removable dome!
The project is also to share and live experiences on the road, make the dome a residence of artists, of all kinds, to create .... create a collective? Receive in the dome and be received ....
Domades is a totally self-managed project with a social approach.

Allocation of funds

Today, we miss making us better friends with King Kong, and to invite him to travel to help us carry our dream ... .because he weighs ...
or enough money to help us buy a van ...
to arrive first at the festival of Aurillac !!!! obligatory passage for the diffusion of our show and share the experience
Objective: 2000 euros
If the heart gives more,,, you can continue to help us to pay the totality of the truck: 4000 euros
and if your heart wants to give more, you can help us pay for the certification of the dome to have the right to mount the dome everywhere! : we cross our fingers for less than 1 000 Euros
On behalf of the company Domades, I will collect the entire collection

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