Domaine des Sonnettes, organic vines and natural wine in the Bugey

Help two young winemakers transition a local vineyard to organic farming and natural winemaking !

Project visual Domaine des Sonnettes, organic vines and natural wine in the Bugey
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Domaine des Sonnettes, organic vines and natural wine in the Bugey

Discover domaine des Sonnettes, a hidden vineyard in the charming Bugey valley where we will grow organic grapes to make natural wine. Help two young winemakers transition a local vineyard to organic farming and natural winemaking. We are Edouard Gouyette and Lisanne Van Son, a young couple that is passionate about winemaking. We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to apply our experience and knowledge acquired from years of working with winemakers and studying viticulture and winemaking to our latest project: starting our own vineyard. Edouard changed his career path after studying aeronautical maintenance and engineering to follow his passion for winemaking. Motivated by his desire to master the art and science of grapevines and wine, his studies earned him a diploma in BTS Viticulture and Oenology. Since 2013 he has worked with several winemakers, such as Phillipe Gilbert in Menetou-Salon, Julien Guillot in Burgundy at Domaine des Vignes du Maynes, and with several winemakers in Montlouis-sur-Loire including Lise and Bertrand Jousset. Lisanne was born in the Netherlands. She decided to specialize in the world of wine after studying Hotel Management in Maastricht. For 10 years she worked as a sommelier in the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Belgium. During this period she met winemakers who shared their passion and vision of the profession with her. In 2017, Lisanne moved to France to follow her winemaking dream under the wings of Noella Morantin, Toby Bainbridge, and Lise and Bertrand Jousset. She received a Bac Pro Viticole degree in Amboise and subsequently created Sonshine Vins with which she buys organic grapes that she vinifies in her wine cellar in Noizay. The last member of the team is Boaz, our Hungarian Vizsla, he’s our CCO (Chief Chaos Officer) Our ambition is born from a common love for the work in the vineyard, from the grape harvest to the bottling of wine, and the transformation that occurs between those two moments. Our project is based on the deep conviction that we must change the world now for a better tomorrow. We want to help to move agriculture towards a model that is more respectful of the environment. Focus on interactions between plants, animals, helping, and respecting the environment results in a healthy exchange between the soil and the plant. We want to return to an old fashioned winemaking method, with minimal intervention, so we can produce natural wine that is expressive of its terroir. Nestled in the small valley of Le Bévieur, in the heart of Bugey, the vineyard dates back to 1650. Planted on steep slopes, the vines area all located within a 200 meter radius of the domaine itself. Our grapevines are the only crops present in this valley. Surrounded by thirty hectares of meadows where sheep live peacefully and the forest rewards us with wild mushrooms. The surrounding nature and the remoteness of vineyard promote a sustainable biological balance that respects local biodiversity. To convert our 4 hectares to organic farming, we will start with working the soil. This is the natural way to weed without using chemicals, using plows and hoes instead. After working the soil, we want to boost biodiversity by planting seasonal flowers and fruit trees around the vines, as well as installing beehives. Biodiversity increases crop pollinators which function as pest control, meaning that each individual species has a space to thrive. The energy and attention we give to the vines will be rewarded with healthy grapes. They will be covered with natural yeast from the surrounding environment, allowing us to make a wine with natural fermentation and no additives. From our 4 grape varieties, Gamay, Pinot Noir, Poulsard and Chardonnay, we want to a produce sparkling rosé, still white and still red wine.

Allocation of funds

Our acquisition of this domaine is planned for summer 2021. We will hopefully harvest our first grapes in september. We need to make a significant initial investment that includes the purchase of the vineyard, its associated buildings, and the equipment. Next to that there is a required investment necessary for a successful transition to organic farming. We have estimated this investment to be € 11.000 for the purchase of : a tool holder with discs + cultivating blades a seeder for cover crops + Rolofaca Add to this the funding of the KissKissBankBank campaign up to 8% of the amount of the pot: + 1000 € We have set a target of 150% and all additional funding will be used to finance part of the construction of a « farmhouse bed and breakfast » where visitors will enjoy the natural beauty of the region and discover the magic of the work we do. Thanks to your support we will have the opportunity and the energy to create our ideal working environment, where we will respect nature and invest in a bright future! How to support us ? Talk about this campaign around you, your family, your friends, your colleagues Share the campaign or video by email and / or on social media Like and comment on the campaign page. It will help increase visibility on the KissKissBankBank website. Donate. With or without compensation, even the smallest amount will allow us move forward towards the success of this inspiring project!



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Personalised tote bag "Domaine des Sonnettes"

Estimated delivery: October 2021


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Personalised tote bag + 1 bottle of sparkling wine

Estimated delivery: April 2022


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Visit and winetasting at the domaine for 2 persons + 2 bottles of wine

Estimated delivery: May 2022


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1 night in our future farmhouse Bed & Breakfast + visit and tasting at the domaine (for 2 persons)

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1 Night in our cozy future farmhouse Bed & Breakfast + visit and tasting at the domaine + vineyard diner for 2 with a magnificient view! (for 2 persons)

Estimated delivery: March 2023

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