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ecotour ¡los Trepadores del Imposible!



- An alliance between Central Americans and a french NGO

- An ecotour in El Salvador, Guatemala and if we reach our goal in Nicaragua... and maybe Costa Rica and Panama

- An educational project

- An enhancement of the Central American environment

- Reportings about community organization, environnemental issues and how the local populations face it and wildlife.

- Photo reports

- An active involvement to the "We give the floor to you" effort that aims to publish Central Americans works whether they are articles, images or videos and translate them from Spanish to French and other languages.


The values of the project are: solidarity, alliance, technology transfer and mutual support. 













Foto: cortesía de Juan Molina





El Salvador has a great potential for biologic conservation. However, it retains one of the highest deforestation rate. That forest cover loss issue is extended to all over Central America, proportionally the most deforested region in the world.


Reforestando Centroamerica (Reafforesting Central America), occurs as a response to that problem. In a first time the reafforestation campaign was located to Guatemala. Nowadays, it's extended to several other countries of the region. Thus us, Reforestando El Salvador, we're part of a wide network of volunteers united to cover Central America with trees.


A part of the trip is already secured thanks to the Nature and Solidarity's initial contribution... and we'll provide transport and housing to the Climbers of the Impossible and the french NGO's members. We'll show them how people are organizing to respond to their socio-environnemental issues.


We're still lacking 2100 euros to make the Climbers of the Impossible get an opportunity knocks once in a lifetime.




As Central Americans, we're very concerned about the deforestation. Thus we're seeking sustainable alternative to clearcut logging. Discovering tree climbing during the El Imposible 2015 project we've immediately seen a future for this activity.


Tree climbing offers numerous opportunities wether in the ecotourism sector as well as in scientific research in tropical forest, leisure and theater live spectacles.


This activity generates incomes. It's also very funny what's not a luxury given the current difficult situation of so many people in Central America.





For our reafforestation program, the development of an activity that focuses on preserving the forest ressource seemed to be a great idea. In the same way, it was especially encouraging to see that an opportunity was given to young Salvadorians: it's a big hope




-The San Miguelito tree climbers will have the opportunity to get in contact with our network.


-They'll have the new experiment to use tree climbing in a scientific ambit.


To explain you the background you must know that several of them have recently discovered their own capital city holding tree climbing events. If we reach the goal it'll be a great adventure for these young people that have never traveled to other countries.


If we meet the goal of 2100 euros, we'll go to Nicaragua. We'll stay in the Ometepe Island, an island formed by two volcanoes in the middle of the largest freshwater lake of Central America. They'll be accommodated by AMOJO, a member of our network, in this natural beauty included in the Biosfere Reserve



The ecotour of the Climbers of the Impossible is a collective work.


Nature and Solidarity created the project and funds the trip in El Salvador and Guatemala. The association will be involved in every phase of the project, will ensure the communication and the project follow-up with further training, translations, photo reports, videos and articles.


The Climbers of the Impossible receive aids from ADECOSAM to organize themselves so that will be ready.


Reafforesting El Salvador, we'll help them from the beginning to the end and will allow them to get the most from our network.


The different organizations that form Reafforesting Central America will support the project with transport, housing and showing the most beautiful places.


There are numerous entities that are supporting this project. This is quite hard to give all without forgetting one. We're sure that we can count on the support of Fauna Silvestre de El Salvador (Wild animals of El Salvador). We've already work with this group to organize a tree climbing event in the El Espino Ecopark Nous avons déjà collaboré avec ce groupe pour organiser un événement de grimpe d'arbres dans l'Ecoparque El Espino.


The Alecu association who manages the San Andrés Natural Protected Area is an other entity that we can count on to support the project. It'll allow another tree climbing event to be held like it has been done the last year.




Expected benefits


Before we talk about more serious things... we expect our climbers will have a good time. More seriously, for that young people it could be an adventure that offers a chance to make new friends all over the world and attract international recognition for their project. We hope they'll have new ideas for a sustainable tourism. We'll be glad to see they are enjoying themselves but this trip must be useful for them and the San Miguelito community. 



The Nature and Solidarity's philosophy


The french NGO has among its missions technology transfer and enhancement of activities for education and medioambiente. Nature and Solidarity shares knowledge but also learn from our experience. His projects always seeks exchange and autonomy. His philosophy is to learn how to fish rather than giving fish. The ecotour is his idea, but it wanted us to take care of fundraising. Learn from this type of platform is a great opportunity for our reafforestation program. It's autonomy. We bring them to our network. It's an exchange.


An unprecedented alliance between France and Central America.



Technology transfer: gain in autonomy 

The climbers Impossible will be with us every step in order to learn how to replicate everything by themselves. They also will have opportunity to play their part in the communication process and use their own image to gain audience. It will also be the opportunity to climb in different countries with scientific and entertainement purpose. In that way we'll ensure to open doors for ecotourism development in their village. This has future. The first stage is to achieve this money gathering.








Allocation of funds

We still need to collect 2100 euros in order to take the Climbers of the Impossible to Nicaragua.


food and housing = 600

transportation = 900

pictures and videos = 600



The amount of the collection is much lower than the actual costs .


This is due to:

 - The initial contribution of Nature and Solidarity: food and transportation for the climbers in El Salvador and Guatemala

- Logistical support  from Reafforesting Central America: accommodation, organization and local transport

- The logistical support of many other stakeholders


You can add those other contributions of the French NGO:

- Organizational costs

- Three air tickets from France to El Salvador to bring the Nature and Solidarity team

- Purchasing of shooting equipment

- Food, accommodation and transport of the Nature and Solidarity team

- Translations

- Writing articles

- Website

- Communication work


If we reach the goal we'll be able to extend the trip to Costa Rica and perhaps Panama. Then there is another way to prolong the journey of the climbers Impossible.

Contributing with:

- Meal three times a day for the climbers

- Transport of Nicaragua to Costa Rica, from Costa Rica to Panama

- Hosting

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To thank you for having given the ecotour of the Grimpeurs de l’Impossible (Impossible Treeclimbers Project), you will receive news about the project and its progress every two weeks for a period of three months. More good news: you are the sponsor of 5 trees that will be planted and you will receive a Nature and Solidarity postcard.
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Your donation will help to bring Nicaragua closer. We will send you an electronic photo album and news every two weeks over the next four months. What’s more, you will receive two Nature and Solidarity postcards. Best of all, you become the sponsor of 7 trees that will be planted.
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So you like this adventure? Come to caserío San Miguelito, El Salvador where the Climbers of the Impossible invite you to a display of tree climbing. We will send you an E-mail every two weeks over a four month period. You will also receive 2 Nature and Solidarity postcards. Best of all, you are sponsoring 10 trees that will be planted. The planet thanks you.
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What a boost you are giving to this Project! We are making a video to acknowledge donors personally. For four months, you will receive news every two weeks. A display of tree climbing awaits you at San Miguelito as well as a pleasant walk to the river where you can swim. We will send you 2 Nature and Solidarity postcards. Future generations will forever be grateful to you for the 20 trees that can now be planted.
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