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Friday, October 07, 2016
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Support a contestant who takes on the most dangerous television assault course contest ever made. Will he survive and claim his reward?


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Give the amount of your choice, without any rewards.

For €2 and more

TIPPER: A smile, a subscription to our newsletter, you will be the first to know what's up and you'll get the link to the film as soon as it goes online! Thanks for the tip! We'll make it up to you with some sassy images!

Backers 2DeliverySeptember 2016

For €6 and more

EARLY BIRD: A sneak peek of the film before anyone else! A DASH FOR CASH or Win TV Sticker and an invitation to our launch party at a reduced rate.

Backers 5DeliverySeptember 2016 Availability 45/50

For €15 and more

CONTRIBUTOR: One invitation to our LAUNCH PARTY where you will meet everyone involved IRL! You will be credited on the website as an official contributor to the DASH FOR CASH! A sneak peek of the film and all bonus content before everyone else! Win TV thanks you!!

Backers 5DeliverySeptember 2016

For €25 and more

EARLY FAN: A Win TV t-shirt, a +1 invitation to the launch party and a copy of the film and bonus content on a USB key.

Backers 9DeliveryOctober 2016 Availability 41/50

For €49 and more

SPORTSMAN OF THE FUTURE: Limited DASH FOR CASH top and all previous rewards. Be on the top 30 Competitor SCORES on the site. Please note this suit is not fireproof, so behave...

Backer 1DeliveryOctober 2016 Availability 24/25

For €69 and more

SPECIAL GUEST: A VIP invitation +1 to our LAUNCH PARTY. As a VIP guest, you'll get all the free drinks you want and get to hang out with the cast and crew and even meet the Win TV girls and presenter. Hell, you can even suggest him a one-liner for the short. And you might even get an invitation to his play where he plays half naked, you never know.

Backers 2DeliveryOctober 2016 Availability 28/30

For €96 and more

SURVIVALIST: A unique element from the DASH FOR CASH survival kit based on the traps used during the shoot (fireballs, darts, ninja stars, bear traps): choose from a lighter, or a pen shaped like a dart... A VIP invitation +2 to the launch party. Plus all of the above.

Backers 2DeliveryOctober 2016 Availability 28/30

For €149 and more

ELITE: The full DASH FOR CASH survival kit based on the traps used during the shoot (fireballs; ninja stars, bear traps, darts, etc…). The kit features a lighter, a dart pen, a Swiss knife and a dynamo lamp. Everything is decorated with traps from DASH FOR CASH! You're ready for adventure! Thank you for your trust. Be on the top 10 contributors on our website. A VIP invitation +5 to our launch party. Plus all of the above. Your name will also appear on the DASH FOR CASH credits!

Backers 0DeliveryOctober 2016 Availability 25/25

For €199 and more

COLLECTOR: DASH FOR CASH costume with accessories (overall, helmet and protections). There is only one left (the other one was torn to pieces during the assault course). And it was actually worn by the one and only Sean Knopp. A true collector's item and a sexy addition to your wardrobe. Plus all of the above. You're the man, 10 VIP invitations to our launch party!

Backers 0DeliveryOctober 2016 Availability 1/1

For €400 and more

WINNER: You can be the one and only owner of the DASH FOR CASH cashbox, used for the shoot (plexiglass). Plus all of the above and as many VIP invitations to our launch party as you want!

Backer 1DeliveryOctober 2016 Availability 0/1

For €500 and more

PATRON: you get all access, glory, honor and a producer credit and invitations to private and public festival screenings as well as the film and all content. You will be credited on the film as the main contributors to the 'Dash for Cash'!!! You are now part of the happy few and you can invite as many people as you want to our launch party, it will be madness! I tell ya!

Backer 1DeliverySeptember 2016 Availability 9/10

For €750 and more

SPONSOR: Your brand becomes an official DASH FOR CASH partner! You will be placed during the race with a special infomercial animation or ident. You will also appear on our website! And you can promote yourself during our launch party as well!

Backers 0DeliverySeptember 2016 Availability 1/1