Enregistrement nouvel album Bruno Tocanne aux USA

Enregistrement puis fabrication d'un nouvel album en 4tet avec Bruno Tocanne (dms - Fr), Quinsin Nachoff (sax, clar - NY), Russ Lossing (piano - NY) et Rémi Gaudillat (tpt - Fr) les 27 et 28 Juin 2012

Project visual Enregistrement nouvel album Bruno Tocanne aux USA
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

<p> </p> Je serais avec <strong>Marcel Kanche</strong> et le<strong> I.OverdiveTrio  </strong>le<strong> 13 MARS </strong>à   <a href="http://www.alhambra-paris.com/"><strong>L'Alhambra </strong>- <strong>Paris</strong></a>  pour "Le printemps des poètes"<small> avec, entre autres, </small><strong>Les Têtes Raides".  </strong><strong><em>"Et un mec vint d'outre saison" </em></strong> <strong><br></strong>I will play on <strong>MARCH 13rd</strong> with<strong> Marcel Kanche </strong>and the<strong> I.Overdrive trio</strong> in <a href="http://www.alhambra-paris.com/"><strong>L'Alhambra </strong>- <strong>Paris</strong></a>. <p> </p>
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

<p>"Of note also is the tenor of Quinsin Nachoff.  With a bristling tone, an exact rhythmic sense, and an ability to get around the instrument that only a handful of saxophonists can profess, Nachoff is one of the strongest players in the country.  I put him in the ranks of Donny McCaslin, Seamus Blake, and Dave Binney in terms of his awesome talent." Adam Kinner,<strong> Montreal Gazette </strong></p> <p><br>"...An impressive display of sizzling, post-Coltrane inventiveness."Don Heckman,<strong> LA Times</strong></p> <p><br>"Tenor saxist Quinsin Nachoff in particular sounded absolutely terrific,  with a mature and beautifully soft sound most pleasing to the ears." Josephine Ochej (regular contributor to The <strong>Jazz Review</strong>, the Westender and <strong>Coda Magazine</strong>) <br><br>"I listened to your CD just before I left my home for this most recent trip, and I’ll be honest with you: I think your CD is as good or better than any other CD I’ve heard in the last couple of years or more. Seriously!" <strong>Peter Erskine<br></strong><br>The music is fascinating, reflective but always interesting. Classical influences abound, postmodern adventures…, and floating melodic lines…make tunes…fascinating, enigmatic but exhilarating. It’s probing music with prescient interaction…” Geoff Chapman, <strong>Toronto Star</strong></p>
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

<p><strong>Russ LOSSING / Medias</strong></p> <p>"Pianist Russ Lossing's trio evokes a dreamlike state on Oracle, by      communicating an atmosphere of  unearthly elegance through                      trance-inducing energy. The music is beautifully open, applying time at an    unhurried pace that favors accent over cacophony." <strong>All About Jazz</strong></p> <p>“…The pianist illuminates the silence, suspends the time, and intensifies the collective flux. The wealth of his harmonic knowledge, the fluidity of his phrasing and his attention to the weight of every single note creates a sound palette for endless pleasures.”  <strong>Jazzman / Jazz Magazine </strong>(FR)</p> <p>“strikingly lyrical”<strong> Jazztimes</strong></p> <p>“...an intrepid searcher with an end point in mind.” <strong>New York Times</strong><br><br>“For an agent provocateur, pianist Russ Lossing has never hidden his interest in the pretty side of a tune".  <strong>Downbeat Magazine<br></strong><br>“Lossing has it all.”  <strong>All About Jazz<br></strong><br>“Pianist Lossing is a joy. Exploration of the themes is what the listener feels, emotionally and intellectually,”   <strong>Cadence Magazine<br></strong><br>“Lossing is a thinking man’s pianist. He intelligently creates and refashions themes within a variety of frameworks.  He’s a multifaceted artisan.”  <strong>Jazz review.com</strong></p> <p><strong></strong>“Russ Lossing is a pianist of extreme depth and intensity.”<strong> AAJ<br></strong><br>“Open spaces often insinuate themselves in the music of the pianist Russ Lossing.” <strong>NY Times<br></strong></p> <p>"Bold yet sensitive..".<strong> Time Out New York</strong><br><br>"A masterful utilizer of musical space.."<strong> Hot House<br></strong><br>“ Lossing knows the value of sound. A cagey improviser, he has a way of sounding animated while maintaining an almost noble poise”  <strong>Jazziz Magazine</strong></p>
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

<p><strong>Jazzman<br></strong>"Une suite libre et parfaitement maîtrisée<small> / A free and perfectly mastered suite"</small></p> <p><strong>All About Jazz</strong> TOP TEN<br><small>"A magnificent music</small> - Une musique magnifique"<br></p> <p><strong>Jazz Magazine ***</strong><br>"Une musique fraîche, combative, joyeuse, tendre et audacieuse - A cool, belligerent, joyful, tender, audacious music"</p> <p><strong>Gazette Montreal</strong> TOP ALBUM<br>"An exciting and creative quintet - Un quintet créatif et passionnant"</p> <p><strong>Toronto Star</strong> ****<br><small>"A bold, whimsical outing for a fine record !</small> - Un excellent album !"</p> <p><strong>Exclaim.ca </strong>4.5/5<br>"Beautiful ! - Magnifique !"</p> <p><small><small><strong>Citizen Jazz </strong>ELU<br>"Une musique colorée, pleine de reliefs et de contrastes</small></small><small> / A coloured music, full of reliefs and contrasts..."</small></p> <p><strong>Whole Note<br></strong>"An international musical cooperation wich set high standard / Une coopération musicale internationale qui place la barre haut"</p> <p><strong><br></strong></p>
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

<p> </p> <strong>ALBUM REVIEWS / BRUNO TOCANNE "4 new dreams !" </strong> <br><strong>New York City Jazz Records</strong> 05/2011 "A nice and varied program with lot of open-ended playing" <strong>Le Monde </strong>(blog Bob Hateau) - <strong>Improjazz</strong> 03/2011 "Un monde musical personnel, créatif, mélodieux, libre, sans concession et dans lequel chacun trouve son plaisir/  A free, creative, melodious and personal music" <strong>Jazz Magazine</strong> 01/ 2011 <br>"Une musique délivrée avec une remarquable finesse dans un souci constant de cohésion et de naturel / A music issued with a remarkable finenesse, in a constant refinement and naturalnes." <strong>Citizen Jazz</strong>01/2011 -<strong> ELU</strong> <br>"Un rêveur intarissable à sa façon : concrète et opérative... Du rêve en action !"<br><br><strong>Culture Jazz</strong> 12/2010 <br>"Une musique libre... chantante,  sans concessions, authentique et convaincante / A free and singing music... without concessions, authentic and absolutely convincing" <strong>Le Son du Grisli</strong>02/2011 <br>"Compositions d’une très haute tenue... Un profond sentiment de liberté" <br><strong>Maître Chronique</strong>  01/2011 <br>"Agitateur d'atomes..." <br><br><strong>Jazz Clours</strong> Italy 01/2011 "Un uomo che un' idea; quatro musicisti cosi in sintonia possono transformare quel signo in realtà.  Quatre musiciens qui transforment nos rêves en réalité" <br><strong>Mozaic Jazz</strong> 02/2011<br>"Un magnifique travail de rythmicien inspiré et de musicien impliquéA magnificent work of an isnpired rhythmist and of an involved musician." <br><strong>Jazzword.com </strong>CANADA 07/2011<br> "An imaginative music with the tonal freedom of advanced improvisation<br><br><strong>Haut et Fort</strong><br>"Les ponctuations toujours justes et sensibles de Bruno Tocanne, qui n’est pas sans évoquer par ses couleurs le monde sensuel et dansant de Paul Motian..."
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

<p><strong><small>Bruno TOCANNE 2000 /2012<br></small></strong><small>Fonde le </small><small>réseau imuZZic, collectif de musiciens à la suite d'une résidence Agapes </small><small>à l'Élysée - Lyon de 1998 à 2000 à laquelle seront invités <strong>Louis Sclavis</strong>, Emmanuel Bex, Régis Huby, Alain Blesing ou Lucia Recio...</small><br><small></small></p> <p><small>En plus des formations issues de ce collectif, participe à un projet sur Léo Ferré avec <strong>Marcel Kanche </strong>et le <strong>I.Overdrive trio</strong> (2011), à de nombreuses créations vidéo-musicales, dont "Round about 68" avec <strong>Hasse Poulsen</strong> (2008), "Les bergers fous de la rébellion"</small> <small>avec<strong> John Greaves</strong>... <br><br>Se produit et/ou a enregistré en 2010 avec le <strong>Bruno Tocanne "4 new dreams !"</strong> en compagnie de Michael Bates (NY),Samuel Blaser (CH) et Rémi Gaudillat (+ tournée Asie du Sud Est), avec le Nachoff - Tocanne Project ("5 new dreams" album 2008) avec le "Collective new dreams" (2011), le big band <strong>Le Libre Ensemble </strong>(album IMR 2011), le <strong>trio Résistances</strong> (3 albums),</small> <small>le <strong>I.Overdrive trio</strong> (1 album et des tournées en Russie, Slovénie, Portugal)... le duo Tocanne - Delaunay (tournées  Japon, Pologne, Ukraine)<br><br><strong>A également joué occasionnellement avec</strong> Russ Johnson <small>(NY)</small>, Dave Burell <small>(USA)</small>, Itaru Oki,Vladimir</small> <small><small>Volkov (Russie)</small>, Francesco Bearzatti (Italie),<small>Yuri Kusnetsov (Ukrraine)...</small></small><strong></strong></p>