Climbing and caving in pictures

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Climbing and caving in pictures

Good morning,

After much hesitation and a mixture of despair, aware that you should never give up as long as there is a chance, I decided to get started on kisskissbankbank, and I count on your encouragement and generosity.

To introduce myself, my name is Aziz Laatiri, 25 years old. Currently Freelancer photographer and young climber and caver, I have been practicing photography since 2014 and climbing and caving since 2017.

Gifted in my activity, I take advantage, when in the mountains, to take pictures in the caves and on the rocks.

I am here to evolve but my equipment is a bit old. I want to switch from the Canon 7D to the Canon 5D Mark IV, priced at 2700 €. Currently, thanks to my savings, I already have a budget of 1000 €.

Allocation of funds

I am aiming for a fundraising of 2000 € for a new box and if your participation allows to reach or exceed 4000 €, it would be great to acquire a new lens. Currently I work with a old lens and an adapter ring

Returning to expenses, a rate of 8% will be paid to kisskissbankbank, and the rest will be devoted to the purchase of equipment and for your counterparts.

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