ESCAPE - A Collection Of Songs Straight Out The ASYLUM (Tribute CD)

Please help us realize this superb tribute to ASYLUM, masterpiece of The Legendary Pink Dots, featuring 15 bands from the experimental scene

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ESCAPE - A Collection Of Songs Straight Out The ASYLUM (Tribute CD)





''ESCAPE - A Collection Of Songs Straight Out The ASYLUM'' an eclectic and intense tribute to the album Asylum, masterpiece of The Legendary Pink Dots, of which we celebrate the 30th anniversary of release this year.








It’s a CD of 15 titles for 15 bands.

On the menu with cover versions (and in order of appearance)


- Un Festin Sagital - Echo Police

- Déficit Des Années Antérieures - Gorgon Zola's Baby

- Toupidek Limonade - Fifteen Flies In The Marmelade

- La Duchesse de Cinzano & le Baron Fend l'Air - Femme Mirage

- Fatherkid - The Hill

- Klimperei - Demonism

- Non Finito Orchestra - Prisoner

- Endlesston - So Gallantly Screaming

- Les Hauts de Plafonds - I'm The Way, The Truth, The Light

- Emiko Ota + Mami Chan - Agape

- Freek Kinkelaar - Golden Down

- Vox Nihilo - The Last Straw

- BeNe GeSSeRiT - A Message From Our Sponsor

- La Kuizine - Go Ask Alice

- Palo Alto - This Could Be The End


and the participation of an outstanding guest: EDWARD KA-SPEL !!!







The album will be presented in an elegant flap folder (in a 7" single format, once folded), with a 20-page booklet featuring previously unreleased illustrations by Stephan Barbery (the artist responsible for the magnificent visuals of the original Asylum album) produced in collaboration with Jef Benech’. Also included will be 4 postcards, a long interview with Edward Ka-Spel and a reproduction of rare period documents (only available in the limited editions)  

Along the CD will be a second exclusive album, available either as a digital download by producing the purchase voucher or as a CDr collectible (200 copies) part of the very limited deluxe edition, available uniquely through this KissKissBankBank subscription. It will feature alternative versions, remixes, additional cover versions and even extra participants such as Mme Patate, Miss Ming et La Chandelle magique, Trespassers W and the Legendary Pink Dots themselves in a superb reprise of one of their Asylum title recorded during their 1991 concert at  the Ornano, Paris. 







To the most generous supporters, a third album on CDr (100 copies only) will be offered, featuring the integral 1991 Paris concert.







With the ESCAPE tribute album, Mecapop inaugurates a new series called Creatio Ex Materia, which could be translated as « Creation out of the pre-existent ».  This series will be dedicated to soundtracks created for the stage or cinema, to tributes, sound sculptures and installations, etc.


By helping us to fund this project via the subscription campaign, you will also save the costs of shipping and handling, and above all please bear in mind that the deluxe collector editions are exclusive to this KissKissBankBank subscription !!!


The planned release date of ESCAPE is the end of November 2015.



With our warmest salutations,

all the best,

Jef Benech'










If you wish to discover the musical universe of the participating Artits, here are links to to a few videos :








Allocation of funds

The money raised through this subscription will serve to cover the manufacturing costs:


1) CD (pressing and printing) = 1900 euros

2) costs inherent to the deluxe edition of the compilation (badges, CDr, tee-shirt, etc) = 500 euros

3)  the postal fees & communication = 100 euros

4) The subscription will also pay for the mastering fees and to remunerate Stephan Barbery for his new artworks = 500 euros

5)  SDRM rights (the French tax over mechanical reproductions) and for the commission taken by KissKissBankBank. 







If we exceeds our funding goals, any extra money collected will be used in full toward future Mecapop projects notably a Klimperei / Jef Benech' album in preparation titled Les Alfreds.





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Estimated delivery: November 2015

The Tribute CD (signed by EDWARD and PHIL) with your name mentioned in the liner notes of the CD + Bonus Album on CDr collector (limited edition of 200 copies) + Collector Live Album on CDr (limited edition of 100 copies only !!!) ) with the integral concert of LPD. A soundboard recording made on DAT at Espace Ornano, Paris in 1991 (with 12 concert pictures set printed on photographic paper) + the ''Terminal Kaleiscope'' CD (with a reprint of all the exclusive documents from the original limited edition) + reproduction of rare documents from Asylum period + 1 ''Asylum / Escape'' collector t-shirt + 2 ''Asylum / Escape'' collector badges' + A reproduction on mounted canvas of the cover artwork from the tribute, signed by STEPHAN BARBERY and JEF BENECH’ + A unique cover du version of your favorite LPD song by JEF BENECH' / NON FINITO ORCHESTRA (that will come on a separate and unique 3" CDr) All this packaged in a lavish homemade cardboard box (It's the ultra limited and numbered edition to the first 5 copies of the Tribute). Important note: due to the nature of this edition, it will obviously take longer to produce and will be ready for delivery later than the other editions.
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