Et si on voyageait ?

Help us create an exchange between kids from around the world ! AND realise a film/documentary about the world from a kid's perspective...

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Et si on voyageait ?






Everything began with an idea:


Let's imagine kids from around the world, sharing their thoughts... About how life is far away from their home, how are the countries we talk about at school... how live people overseas...?


Let's imagine now those thoughts traveling, from country to country, from school to school. Let the children be the author of the story of the world. A innocent perspective on the simplicity of life. A perspective we often forget as we grow older.






Our purpose :


We are two "supertramp Musicians", Camille DENIS and Benoit PAUVERT. On the way, with a few musical instruments and a camera as unique luggage, lots of happiness !


We decided to make children's questions travel ! Collect the answers and realise a film/documentary about different countries. A record of their thoughts, telling their stories, sharing their routines, their environnement, their dreams...










Camille DENIS 

   Music teacher, I've worked with children for about 9 years, from different social conditions, and different ages. Since 2012, I travel, perform and conduct music workshops in schools, restaurants, cafes. "Et si on voyageait" is now leading my way around the world.







    I used to play in many bands, I am now a music teacher. These last few years, I have worked with the conservatory of Rennes (France) and with different music schools. Since 2016 I am focusing on making "Et si on voyageait" come true.  



our approach:


1. Upon our arrival in the country, we get in contact with different primary schools, to establish a correspondance between schools.


2. With the chosen school, we conduct several music workshops with the kids. Dance, sing, percussions, listening to world music... In order to create a small show for the school and families.


3. With the kids, we realise a short movie (about 10 minutes) In which is shown:

    - Each child asking a question

    - The whole class performing a music piece

    - Shoot of their school and its area


4. "Let travel..." We bring this short movie to a school located in a different country.

After seeing the video, the students realise a new movie with the answers (about 10 minutes). Also with a song which would match with the music piece, to create a multicultural song. (see teaser)


5. Monthly, we will put online the short movies made by the kids on our website, so the kids can follow their question's adventures.




our itinerary :




Presently in Nepal, the goal of the funding is to make this adventure come true in Asia... Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Mongolia and to give the opportunity to the kids to share their thoughts, and create a common song.



- November : Nepal

- December : India

- January : Sri Lanka

- February : Myanmar 

- March : China

- April : Mongolia




The Film/Documentary:


The final goal, is to create a Film/Documantary, with the children's perspective as the connecting thread through this adventure.

All the collecting of pictures, recordings, testimonies, music...will be given to a professional editor, to create a movie that brings together all the important moment of this travel.


Don't forget that a short movie will be uploaded online each month, about the country we are in, you can consult our website or subscribe to the news letter on


How the film will be used.

We have both taught music in France in different primary schools for a few years


With your support, we want this film to be a teaching instrument to collaborate with teachers, and show the diversity of the world, and of the music.

We hope it will inspire, and show the children's perspective of the world with simplicity  








Allocation of funds

We've decided to contribute as much as we can for this project.

Your contribution will help with the following costs:


- Video gear

- Final editing of the video (made by a professional)

- Few important journeys

- Few musical instruments (as percussions, guitar strings etc...)


We've agreed that we will pay for the journey in bus, taxi tuk tuk, and also the flight ticket from France to Nepal, and from Mongolia to France.



Then :

- Flight tickets : Nepal India / India Srilanka  / Srilanka Myanmar / Myanmar China / China Mongolia

for two people : 2600 euros 

- Video gear : Video projector pico, Camera full HD canon power shot sx720 : 800 euros

- Video editing : 1200 euros

- Instruments and miscellaneous : 400 euros


Total : 5000 euros


If we receive more than what we are asking for, we have many ideas for what to do:


- Bring more musical instruments in schools

- Collaborate with a professional movie maker for each short movies made by the kids

- Extend the adventure in more countries ( Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,etc)

- Make a season 2, in an other continent (Afrique, south America)

- Edit a book of picture, send it to you.


Many thanks to everyone for supporting this project, thanks kisskissbankbank, thanks kiss bankers, for making this project come true.


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Our eternal gratitude, and a news letter in your email box to keep you up to date on our website
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An autographed picture from the kids in one of our visited country A news letter in your email box to keep you up to date on our website
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  • Delivery May 2017

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The final documentary / movie, sent to you email address A news letter in your email box to keep you up to date on our website
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The final documentary / movie sent to your email address with your name in thanks ! A news letter in your email box to keep you up to date on our website
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The DVD sent at your home with your name on the cover as the best supporter of the project. A news letter in your email box to keep you up to date on our website
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For €1,000,000

You come for the next saison of "et si on voyageait" as the special guest... in Africa !
  • Delivery September 2017

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