Etienne de la Sayette KOBUGI album release

Support Etienne de la Sayette new album release ! "거북이" 제작 후원 / 드 라 싸이애뜨 에티앤의 두번째 솔로 앨범 / 히토 벤의 그래픽 디자인 !

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Etienne de la Sayette KOBUGI album release

A brief overview by Etienne:

After having released albums on many labels in recent years, I am embarking on an experience that is completely new to me: taking on a complete DIY approach. After recording this album alone, I will have it pressed and distributed by myself, bypassing the traditional intermediaries (label / publisher / distributor ...) and thus promote a new "short circuit" : a direct channel from producer to consumer!  Buy "Kobugi" directly from the source !

On this occasion I am also launching MUJU RECORDS, my microlabel.

Crowdfunding tools like Kiss Kiss Bank Bank today allow this kind of approach and are a fun and rewarding alternative to the purchase of dematerialized discs and online streaming, So today my appeal is to contributors to finance the pressing of CDs and Vinyls of this album, which is already recorded. I propose to listen, here exclusively on
Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, the first three songs of the album:

"거북이" 앨범은 제가 지난 2년 동안, 라이브 무대와 녹음제작 등... 여러프로젝트를
진행하던 시기에 자유시간을 활용하여 제작된 곡들 입니다.


"Kobugi" brings together pieces created over the past two years in moments of calm between concerts and recordings that I have with other projects (Film scores, Akalé WubéBaeshi Bang etc.)

I have played all of the instruments without ever using virtual instruments or MIDI. Everything is played by hand, OGM free ! "Kobugi" follows on from the album "Maputo Queens" that I produced in 2016. There you can find some of my obsessions such as the timeless vibe of African kalimbas, as well as organs from the 60ies.

The four guests on this album are all long-time accomplices : Sam Nash AKA Racecar, authentic Chicago MC from Belleville, Erik Aliana Cameroonian bard, whose song always releases palpable emotions, Lansiné Diabaté, master of the Guinean balafon and Stefano Lucchini who is the skillful drummer in my Korean project Baeshi Bang.

To finalize "Kobugi" I did not leave the "family" framework since Fabien Girard who mixed the music is a friend with whom I have been working since the first FRIX albums fifteen years ago, and Raphaël Jonin who did the mastering is someone with whom I also enjoy working for many projects.

Concerning the Artwork, it was a huge pleasure to collaborate once again with Ben Hito, and, thanks to his talent, his generosity and his enthusiasm, to make Kobugi an object both sound and visual. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as watching it!

저는 대부분 곡들을, 가상, 미디어악기를 제외한, 다른 여러악기들을 직접 연주하는 데 심혈을 기울였습니다.  "거북이" 는 2016년 제작된 "Maputo Queens" 앨범의 차기작 입니다. 앨범 커버와 포스터는 에티앤과 오랫동안 협업을 하고있는 유명한 Ben Hito 그래픽 디자이너의 작업입니다.

Some info on the nine tracks on the disc :

1 - JAJINMORI feat. Racecar
I came up with this piece through a rhythm called "Jajinmori", used in Korean traditional music. I discovered this rhythm during a collaboration with Korean percussionists in Busan in 2016. Racecar's flow leads us to somewhat labyrinthine mood successions.

Loulou is a « chamber music afrobeat » experiment with bits of Steve Reich inside - it also echoes the song entitled "Lord Bougainvillard" which is on my previous solo album "Maputo Queens"

"Kobugi King" is a soaring groove filled with shamanic invocations.

4 - SAFARI KAMER feat. Erik Aliana
Same rhythmic principle as "Jajinmori" with a much more Cameroonian mood this time, thank you Erik !

Anar manifesto with dirty accents, evoking the ultra-saturated kalimbas of "Konono #1" - While writing this piece, I also thought of certain sounds from Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog.

The only cover on the album, here we have a version 2.0 of an Ethiopian classic found on an old cassette in the depths of Addis Abeba.

Pale early morning groove with a wahwah organ as an alcoholic crooner.

Reggae breathing - inhale, breathe ... it breathes: transverse flute and sea shell choirs

9 - WAR BUSINESS feat. Racecar
This closing track worships its title written in a moment of dull anger - with Racecar to close the loop.


1 - JAJINMORI feat. Racecar 4'58
2 - LOULOU 6'28
3 - KOBUGI KING 5'55
4 - SAFARI KAMER feat. Erik Aliana 5'38
5 - ANANSI 4'28
7 - BAD BAD BAD 5'41
8 - TORTOISES 4'26 option
9 - WAR BUISNESS feat. Racecar 4'50
total time: 47'18

Production / Recording / Compositions / all instruments: Etienne de la Sayette
(except 6 composed by Tegenu Balkew) 에티앤 드 라 싸이애뜨 : 프로덕션, 녹음, 작곡, 여러악기들
Mixing: Fabien Girard 믹싱
Mastering: RaphaÎl Jonin 마스터링
Guests 초대 :
Racecar: voice (1, 9)
Erik Aliana: voice (4)
Lansiné Diabaté: balafon: (1)
Stefano Lucchini: drums (3, 5, 7, 9)
Artwork : Ben Hito

Etienne de la Sayette - official site

Allocation of funds

The funds will go to :

-300 CDs making : 750 €
- 300 Vinyles making : 1750 €
- Artwork : 500 €

Extra funds will go to refund :

- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comission (8%) - 240 € minimum
- Mixing : 1800 €
- Mastering : 700 €
- Postcards and posters printing : 300 €
- SDRM (copyrights) : 500 €

Thank you to indicate the name of the person who must appear on the dedications, or if you do not wish a dedication to inform us. Do not forget to include shipping costs if you wish to receive your item by mail.

Do not include shipping costs if you have the option of receiving your album by hand


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- 그래픽 작업료 : 500 유로

초과액의 경우, 잔여금 지출 내역 :

- 믹싱 1800 유로
- 마스터링 700 유로
- SDRM (저작권료) 500 유로
- KKBB % 240 유로

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