Our festival seeks to show through art The Other Latin America, the one that exists beyond the clichés. Help us achieve it!


The project

What do we know about Latin American culture? What we see in the movies, the news or the stories of some travelers? Does this vision of Latin American culture really reflect its diversity and richness?


Our festival aims to show the other Latin America, that which exists beyond the representations stigmatized by stereotypes.


With this event we want to show through a set of artistic disciplines the diversity of contemporary Latin American culture, offering attendees a new vision of it, away from the clichés that limit it.





The first edition of the festival l'Autre Amérique latine took place in the framework of the Week of Arts and Media of the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris, whose objective is to give value to the initiatives of its students. The original concept of the festival was developed by Gabriela Acosta, member of the Salve Selva collective and student of Master 1 in Cultural Mediation at this time.



During its first edition, the festival featured a series of artistic expressions distributed throughout the Week of Arts and Media, where each artist offered the university public a unique and modern vision of their cultural heritage.





We have modified the format of the Festival l'Autre Amérique Latine to remove it from the university framework and open its doors to a wider audience.


This second edition it's a cooproduction between the collectives Salve Selva and Rencontres Culturelles. The festival will take place from May 25 to 27, 2018 in La Bellevilloise, and will present more than 50 artistic expressions, from more than 11 countries.


This great variety will lead the public to experience an immersion in the universe of contemporary Latin American culture through painting, dance, music, photography, cinema and even tattoos, cooking and conferences.


This second edition will be inscribed in  Latin America and the Caribs' week organized by Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France.







We are an art collective that develops multidisciplinary projects. Supported in the globalization movement and new technologies, we weave artistic and social networks to work with creatives in different countries.


From our facilities in Paris, we work with artists in several parts of the world to create synergies that propagate the Latin American culture and its contrast with others, in order to tear down the stigmas that persecute and obstruct it.







● DJ Set:
► P'ears (Le Mellotron) (Latin - Electro - World) FRA

► JOIA (Bossa / Jazz) BRE
► Duo Willan Farinango & Daniel Mancero + invité surprise ! (World / Jazz) • EQU
► Violetazul (Variétée latinoaméricaine) • COL - CHI

► Short film: Las dos - Emiliano Umpiérrez (5') • URU


SATURDAY 26 MAY (5€ min)

► Waykiki boys (Cumbia surf) • PER
► Los Muertos (Rock / Surf) • MEX
► Salidos De La Cripta (Surf) • COL
► Demian Oficial (Rock) • EQU
► Magistrado Tocineta (Rock) • COL

● DJS Ambiance 1 (Salle Forum):
► Mafe Maracuyeah (Electro Latin Disco) • COL - USA
► Juan Sensato (DJ Set) • COL - FRA

● DJS Ambiance 2 (Terrasse) "PICÓ EL ELEGANTE": Custom Eco-friendly Soundsystem by Aluna, Culture de la Colombie en France & Pikip Solar Speakers • COL -FRA
► John. K (Techno) (Ravetop Records) • COL
► Zulu (Techno) • COL - ALL
► DJ JULIO INTI (Cabaret Guetto) (Electropical) • CHI - FRA

► Kay Zevallos Villegas (Création Siento) • PER



► Constanza Biroccio • ARG
► Satya Paspuel (Neoclassical dance) • EQU

► Film Meu Corpo é Político (My body Is Political) - Paideia Filmes (71') • BRA
► Short film Hasta Aquí Todo va Bien - Ernesto Lozano • COL 
► Film Sol Piedra Agua - Diego Ernesto Revollo Endara (70') • BOL



● LIVE PAINTING (Espace 88 Ménilmontant): 
► Latino Graff (Guayabo Colectivo) • COL - FRA 
+ Fonso (MAL Crew) • COL - ALL 

*Artworks for sale at the Tienda Salve Selva*

► Camila Acosta Alzate // ► Daniela Olave // ► Juan Juan  // ► Une Option de Plus - Una Opción Más // ► Faride Osorio // ► Giovana Véliz

► Santiago Ayerbe // ► Manuel Hernández // ► Javier Vanegas // ► André Renaud // ► Maria Luisa Müller // ► Tani Vargas

► Frida Corazon De pirata ॐ // ► Zula Tattoo

► Carlos Peñarredonda (Chef Candelaria)

► Marie MB & Dreams produc-son (Anthropologie - sound documentaries)

► Triangular Prism // ► Billeteras Bien Balsiadas // ► Ekadeko // ► AlfaBeto // ► Tienda Salve Selva.

Why fund it?

Rencontres Culturelles and Salve Selva are non-profit organizations, integrated by creatives who want to imagine, invent and implement artistic manifestations that illustrate contemporary Latin American culture. However, our budget is limited, and the production of our projects depends mostly on solidarity.


As well as all our projects, l'Autre Amérique Latine is a 100% independent festival that does not seek to generate any economic benefit for organizers or artists, focused only on showing that Latin American culture is much more complex and rich than what is possible to see through the clichés that limit it.


But despite being a festival held only "for the love of art" there are some production costs that our love can not cover. So we have decided to create this crowdfounding.


The money collected in this campaign will be used to fund:

· La Belleviloise: € 4,500

       - Rental Club hall: € 2160 TTC

        -Rental Forum hall : € 2340 TTC

· Materials and assembly of works: € 500




FAQ Questions about the project

+ What happens if we exceed the 5500€ goal?

As you can see in the budget scheme that is in the description the total amount to pay is 39 504.50€. In this crowdfunding we are only asking for the minimum amount to be able to pay the venue and the basic backline. If thanks to your generosity we are able to exceed this amount, then other expenses that we plan to take out of our own money will be covered or improved, such as printed publicity, decoration, part of the catering, we could be able to get a better backline for the musicians, and also the paints that the graffiti artists will be using.

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