Flying Freedom Festival

Support 9 artist to encounter, inspire communities, jam, give workshops, perform and to share joy. Give wings to Flying Freedom Festival!

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Flying Freedom Festival

What is “Flying Freedom Festival”?


It is love, art, friendship, crossroad of cultures and disciplines, encouragement of cooperation and creativity, that and much more!

It is a “Festival” because it is a meeting of people.

It is “Flying”, because it is not fixed and “flies” wherever it is needed and welcomed.

It is “Freedom”, because one cannot be free without being respected by others. One cannot be respected by others, if he does not respect them. In addition, one cannot respect the others if he does not know them.

      Consist mostly from artists from different cultures and different disciplines. The Festival gives them time to know each other and create together the amazing story of Gilgamesh. Also gives time to share these experience with local public. This aspect of FFF fulfill the need of Miercurea Ciuc, a small city in Romania where not so many international artists pass.

Our program brings together people from all over the world to see what are the cultural differences between us and what do we have in common.


Let's see who will go to Romania:



FFF members                      



Maïa Chanvin (FR) Actress - specialized in Commedia dell'Arte and multi-linguistic theater



 Husam Abed (JO) Puppeteer, musician, founder and artistic director of Dafa Puppet Theatre



Réka Deák (RO) Puppeteer, founder and president of Babu Cultural Association, stage and puppet designer



Michał Kwiatkowski (PL) Graphic designer, musician and guitar teacher



Zoran Petrovič (SI) director of Moment association, theatre director



Barbora Vlasova (CZ) Actress,



Lucie Nováková (CZ) Singer, dancer, coach



Réka Barabás (RO) Actress, President La Perla Association


Áron Orbók (HU) Actor, Director of Ragnar Association



What do we offer? 


Comedy dell’arte workshop

The techniques are playing with mask, which will develop the actor's capacities to express himself physically, improvise, teach him to stay continually in contact with the audience, create a unique stereotypical character, which needs to juggle between the fixed expression of the mask and his own personality.




Gilgamesh- Collective work with local artists 

Show in various languages with live music, masks, dance, puppets, narration.



Jam sessions -with musicians from Romania


The jam session offers the opportunity to feel the surroundings, listen, meditate, work as a group, and learn new tunes.





The smooth life by Husam Abed


Solo documentary, puppet and storytelling performance




Theseus by R. Deak and H. Abed

The story with puppet about the young, buster Greek hero Theseus.




International reading and dance evening 

To present each other rich and various culture



More about FFF 


Listen to music from our previous jam session



And if you are curious how it look like a meeting with local artists, people watch this video:


For even more info to check the hyperlinks at FFF members!

Allocation of funds


Thus Flying Freedom Festival is about art, it is not a simple entertainment, but as well a way of self-expression and encouragement of creativity. The concept of this festival is to share the artistic experiences of all the members by improvisation, performing, conducting jam sessions, concerts and workshops, playing around theater and motivation games, puppetry, and commedia dell'arte, working with mask, dance and music for theater. We employ these artistic tools to reach whole communities, underprivileged groups like refugees, children, elderly, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, etc.  


Thanks to your contribution we can motivate, bind, encourage cooperation and creativity, equip these groups with artistic tools that they can use in their contexts, future activities and live in general.


After our previous experience in Czech RepublicPoland and France we would like to bring our festival to Romania in collaboration with Babu Association as local host. We will run a one-week long event.  We will search for sparkling meetings with people from Miercurea Ciuc and the surroundings, to establish partnerships and exchanges with NGO's.


The goal of this campaign is to support the funding of the travel cost and the partly the meals, as all of our activities the entrance are free. This way we can support the access for the underrepresented groups too. 9 artists are coming from 7 countries to support this amazing project with their dedication, work and especially art.

Babu Association provides support and the participating artist brings equipment. They also find self-financing for their participation, which is a key support.

 What remain are the irreducible costs ( travel, meal) in the amount of € 1400 for which we are launching the collection.





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