Futsal Besiktas Gent

Futsal Besiktas Gent

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Futsal Besiktas Gent

Futsal Besiktas is an indoor football project in which young people receive a qualitative indoor football training.

Our goal is to support them and work on important elements of indoor soccer such as switching faster, developing smart soccer, developing technology more and the natural well-being of the children is one of the most important aspects we use.

It is very important that we can collect a budget in order to keep our youth work right.

We will use the collected amounts for material, transport costs and team activities.

€1000 will be divided into 3 pieces:

- € 400 material

- € 400 team activities

- € 200 transport costs

If we meet our target budget and have a chance of winning the extra reward from ING, we will use it for a small minibus to make it easier to transport our youthplayers.

The funds will be deposited into our non-profit organisation's account and will be used entirely and exclusively for the realisation of this project.


Allocation of funds

We will use your contribution to the benefit of our youth work.

Our youth work is our future, and we want to work on it.

The money will be used both to purchase equipment to improve the quality of our education and to wear equipment during training and competitions.

Finally, if we can collect our target amount, we want to buy a small minibus for our youth.


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