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Why Cambodia?


When we arrived in Cambodia, our heart was filled with so many emotions. Actually, we quickly felt that this was the place where our lives will change. This developing country within warm-hearted people and astonishing landscapes conquered us straight away.


After visiting every corner of the country, we just fell in love with Kampot, with its rice fields, its nature scenery and its typical peppery cuisine (Kampot pepper is one of the world’s finest).


Another trip to Cambodia later, we randomly found our perfect spot. From the moment we saw it, the project of the GeckoVillage emerged in our minds: this land will be the heaven for travellers who want to discover the tranquillity of Kampot river and the Bokor mountain sunsets.


Along with our values we are involved in the community, by contributing to the local economy, in an environment-friendly path. We also want to support the children of the surrounding villages on their educational path.que local,




1.    Sustainable:


Gecko Village is located in the countryside of Kampot (20 minutes away from the city) near Kampong Kreang village:


-       100% of our partners are from the surrounding villages (builders, carpenters, gardeners, cooks and tradespeople).

-       All materials and furniture are bought locally in order to contribute to the local economy. Wood is supplied according to our ecological standards and environmental regulations which guarantees that the surrounding forests are preserved.






1.    Environment-friendly;


Recycling is crucial in a country which has barely started to enhance its own ecological identity:

-       We recycle most of our unused material on site to avoid wastage,

-       Rubbish is brought to garbage collection point,

-       Glass is recycled with a local association,

-       We select and upcycle wood and other materials to make furniture and decorations for our bungalows.




-       We have started our organic vegetable garden.


-       The main part of our organic waste (wood, branches, cardboard, food leftovers) is used to create compost for future fertilizing,


-       Meat and fish are supplied by local farmers and fishermen in order to give healthy and fresh to our local and international customers.




1.    Education:


-       We are providing trainings in hospitality and catering to local employees,

-       We intend to provide English lessons with our manager Khmer Khimong, 3 times per week in order to encourage kids and young people to find a competitive job perhaps in hospitality or tourism. We would like to maintain these lessons long-term.






                                                  Our team: Kihmong, Lou and Tié


Why did we choose the name Gecko Village? Gecko is a little lizard and also a friendly nocturnal visitor helping us to get rid of mosquitos.


Gecko Village will have 10 bungalows:

-       4 made of wood, equipped with a fan, a bathroom and a terrace

-       6 made of concrete, air-conditioned, with a bathroom and a terrace. Two of them are bigger – for a family up to four people.


Gecko Village will offer to its guests a restaurant, a swimming-pool and a massage spa. We are going to provide activities like cooking classes, kayak trips, boat tours and guided tours. Bicycle and motorbike rent will be available as well.


This project is also a family project, our sons were involved in the process and our daughter in law designed the logo and painted the beautiful pictures that you can see below. 





We have already invested a capital of a lifetime to make this project possible. Now we are asking you for a little financial push to finish our project and get it going. In exchange we offer you benefits to have an exciting experience in our Gecko Village.


Thanks to your help, Gecko village will be able to open its doors in July 2017.


Allocation of funds

-       Painting and decoration of bungalows: 2000 euros (1500 euros painting and 500 euros on equipment and decoration), end of may 2017

-       Furniture for the school (board, chairs and desks): 500 euros

-       Massage section (wood, roof and equipment): 1000 euros, june 2017

-       2 kayaks: 1200 euros (2 x 600 euros), june 2017

-       A boat for guided tours and transporting tourists to Kampot town: 1100 euros july 2017



So here we are, at the moment we need 6000 euros. But there is so much more to do, if we receive exceeded amount we are planning to create extra jobs such as a night watchman, a receptionist and we also would like to buy more kayaks.



François and valerie will receive the collection in order to fully finalize our project


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