Giant Hearts to Africa

Help us spread your love for elephants to young Tanzanians. They can make a difference!

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Giant Hearts to Africa

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The book 'Giant Hearts: travels in the land of elephants', is written by people from India, Tanzania, South-Africa, Australia, USA, Germany, Thailand and France.  At a time where elephants are being decimated, the authors wanted to show how extraordinary these animals are and that the entire world cared about them.




The book got glowing reviews on Amazon and Hindustan Times.  Recently, Down-to-Earth, a major magazine addressing environmental issue gave three entire pages to Giant Hearts  (


Dr. Janemary Ntawila of the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute and contributor to this book, is one of the Organizing Committee Member of the Tenth TAWIRI Scientific Conference that will be held from 2nd- 4th  December 2015 in Arusha (Tanzania) under the theme  “The future of Wildlife Conservation in the face of Increasing Anthropogenic Demands" in which most of  elephant conservation issues will be presented and discussed. She has requested to get 100 copies to distribute for free to the public.






The project is simple: help young Africans to get Giant Hearts.  The Editors (Priya Davidar and Jean-Philippe Puyravaud) and all the authors thank you in advance!


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Allocation of funds

The book, published in India, costs 750 Indian Rupees (10 Euros) and the cost of postage is 1,000 Rupees (13.5 Euros) per book.  To send 100 book costs Euros 2,350.  But, our young African elephant lovers, can't afford a book that has been written for them. 


If you love elephants (the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant and the Asian elephant) and you think these species must be preserved for the future generations, then young Africans must also love them.  Without their care and understanding, there is no more place for elephants in Africa. 


See below the "Message to you" painted by Wanalee, a female Asian elephant.  This message is the mystery of the elephants' intelligence.  



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