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Toward an authentic and sustainable island

Help us preserve Formentera’s unique beauty

while living the best holiday experiences 🌞

Thinking about visiting Formentera and its mesmerizing landscapes?

That’s a great idea ! Unfortunately, Formentera like many other jewels of nature is suffering from its success. Single use plastic and mass tourism is a serious threat to the island's incredible environment.

To preserve Formentera while proposing the best experiences for visitors we’ve created GiraFormentera which offers sustainable activities in collaboration with locals as well as alternatives to single use plastic products.

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Be part of the adventure & help our project to grow !

You will receive sustainable gifts in exchange 🌿.

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GiraFormentera is born from our common desire to protect a place, Formentera, that we love so much.  How to highlight this Formentera? How to sensitize the work that demands to preserve the beauty of the island, the one that any visitor looks for? Its crystalline water, its cultivated land with attention, its local products ... How to link this our personal desire to participate in the urgent need for change? The urgency of environmental awareness, the urgency of protecting thousands of species of fauna and flora,... The urgency.
From this shared reflection, around a coffee or a glass of wine, was born GiraFormentera. We decided to focus our attention in two poles. They had to respect the principle of sustainability, directly put forward as one of our objectives. Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today's generation without sacrificing the ability of future generations to do the same (Brundtland Report, 1987).
First, we develop and offer activities, for both visitors and locals, designed from several collaborations with various farmers and artisans. The objective is to highlight their daily work, their local products, km0, and explain them to you, propose them to you. You will, for example, have the opportunity to visit a field of 700 olive trees and taste the oil that is produced, share a few hours with goats, learn how is the goat cheese produced.
Secondly, we propose a range of products to replace the single-use plastic objects that are part of everyone's daily life. Like everything that starts, we go slowly, so we started with 3 different products. Straws made of stainless steel or reed, cotton mesh bags for shopping, and water bottles and thermos, also in stainless steel. All available on our website, we also work to ensure that they are available in the various supermarkets of the island and try to sensibilize bars and restaurants to stop the use of plastic straws. Wanting to follow our philosophy to the end, we have ensured that our suppliers use raw materials from Europe. It seemed out of the question to make a sustainable project and have products imported from the other side of the world ...

Here we are today, our products are in more than ten supermarkets on the island, we are starting to raise the awareness of restaurants to the straws of substitutions, the activities work, little by little.

Both young, full of ideas and energies, we invite you to participate in this project that we hold dear. To thank you, you will receive at home some of our products, hoping that they please you, that they are useful to you, that they help to modify our habits of plastic so that it disappears slowly.

Some pictures of our activities 

Some pictures of our products 


Allocation of funds

If we reach our goal, the founds will be a great help for GiraFormentera. This will enable us to make our project more visible locally, to offer it to the various hotels that receive thousands of tourists. To paid our photographer and great friend who has done a fabulous job since the launch of GiraFormentera. To develop more activities and collaborations with farmers to build a strong network. To be able, maybe, to rent a small space to store our stock, which is for now at home, in our rooms, under our beds, well sheltered.

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