Taking our music to a new level by collaborating with fellow musician in our hometown. It's going to be big!


The project

We start composing music for this project since 2011 by reproducing old material which we create long ago, before we have facebook on our hands :). Within 4 years, with many influence and experiences, the music evolved to something that more fresh but yet nostalgic at the same time, people reacts positively to my simple cool beat and catchy riff .

And there still a plenty room to grow, which brings us here, ready to bring our sound to the next level by collaborating with some talented musician on our local scene. They coming from various genre which I believe by us now team up reproducing the sound that I create on the laptop and bring them live will be something we can talk about next decade. A classic story for the future.


This project will start by going to studio to re-take some parts on the songs, tune and tweak a little bit more, then we will mastering 5 tracks to become our first digital EP and an exclusive vinyl record. 

We will then continue to promoting our music to the market distributing them as well for international fans that we believe we can reach them.


Producing our music videos will be another challenge, but we have enough resources to get it done. We will let Kissbankers to decide which song is going to be our first single.


We'd like to have a small promo tour in our region, probably in major city across Java. We will use our existing well maintain network in entertainment bussines specially in Jakarta as here is the center of Indonesia bussines. This will be support by our marketing strategy, blast to radio, online media and press releases.


We will try to documented this whole so we can use the material we have to produce a feature video later.


Here are the tracks we've been working on :


Our tracks on Soundcloud


Fey Rahman



It's us 8 years ago...

Why fund it?

To produce this album a numbers of studio session will needed, We schedule maximum 15 session for  the whole process to be done before we master the album then duplicating in vinyl format.

The cost of this process will cost around US$2000


The rest of the money will be needed mostly for marketing and distributing the album. 

This We believe should be scalable, we want this spread to a wider community, which of course w want it worldwide and we know it is feasible.

Building the brand by producing our video for the single, merchandising and held a promo tour

Using social media will be our concern too, but is not as easy as people think, we believe there will be a cost to build the buzz in this area.


This will be a very unique experience, not only just for us as a musician who involved but also with the people which we believe will enjoy our collaboration. We've been inspired by many movement, We hope this also will inspire everyone to believe that if we focus on what we love and work hard, together we will make it happen..



Not only that...


We will donate all the money from our sales to local social foundation that help orphanage children.

yufmar mazaini aziz

My Name is Mazaini Aziz, I am 37. I Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently I am working as Multimedia Coordintaor in a private school in Jakarta. I've been doing music quite a while, since 90's. Trough music I am able to reach and made a lot of things happen for my self. But not quite enough as an artist. I've been in a band, touring as a roadies, sound... See more