Help us produce a documentary about Time. The goal? To prompt people to value their time!

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The project We are seeking financial assistance to help us produce a documentary about Time. The goal? To prompt people to value their time! Why? Never have we felt so short of time. Our social conditions embedded in the desire to constantly accelerate our productivity have compelled us to chase increasing rhythms in our lifestyles. Time has become a restriction, a standard to follow that dictates our behaviors and prevents us from seeing where our priorities truly lie. How do you prompt people to value their time? Synopsis The protagonist seeks to understand his conflict with time. His search for alternative norms raises a larger issue exceeding himself, that of a society in a temporal crisis. The documentary immerses us in pursuit of a more authentic lifestyle. Space for reflection, introspection and letting go. An invitation to take a step back and ask ourselves the question of how we really want to spend our time. This compilation of reflections is articulated by a series of letters addressed to the Island of Sommarøy in Norway where time passes by in a different manner. Above all, these are open letters to the world, an optimistic call for a slowdown. The narration serves as a reading tool to rethink our relationship to time differently. Are they any moments when we break out of this logic of acceleration, where we break free from temporal domination? If these moments do exist, couldn't we turn them into a script for another life scenario? How do you live when you have all the time in the world? The protagonist has lived seven days without any time reference, living remotely from all external influences, and left only with personal desires and emotions as a sole anchorage. What priorities become set within a person? This is the experience that will be told through this sequence. We dive into a lifestyle that is the opposite of our modern values. A world made of boredom and contemplation, consideration and simplicity. An invitation to value slowness for its neglected qualities to amplify the existence of our body’s internal rhythms and our emotions. These experiences raise new questions, allowing one to dream of the possibility of an island where time would no longer exist, where one forgets the time to live it. An island of resource, in the metaphorical sense as well as in the figurative sense. If this island does exist, it is the Sommarøy Island in Norway. For the last part: We need your help! Time regained: Sommarøy Island On Sommarøy Island, from the 18th of May to the 26th of July, the sun no longer sets. This is followed by an endless night that lasts from November until January when the sun ceases to rise due to its location in the Arctic North Pole. The residents who endure these long winter nights wish to make the most out of their time and have signed a petition to officially become the first hourless zone on earth. This request has prompted the initiation of the protagonist, drawing the intersection between dream and reality -a transition from personal drive to collective action. Sommarøy serves as a comparison and an example to rethink our western lifestyles. This passage is a collection of testimonies and reflections from the inhabitants of the island: What can we learn from them? Together, we have the boldness to imagine such a dream. How do you coordinate a city without any reference to time? What are the recollections and retrospections of the residents who endure being out of touch with the concept of time? It is a beautiful and inspiring example of citizenship and collective action that we wish to tell with this film. "In the 19th century, humanity settled its accounts with space, the stake of the 20th century is the cohabitation of the Times". - Chris Marker in Sans Soleil 20 min 20 min is the average attention span of an adult in 2022. It has decreased by three minutes since 2000. That will be the length of the documentary. We plan to produce it as a documentary in TV format, 16/9 in 4K. Film crew introduction The success of this project depends on building a balanced team where everyone plays a specific role. Julian: I am a writer-director. I want to share my pursuit of self-fulfillment with others. I find inspiration for my video content in my daily life, and use video as a medium to create scenarios that are open to investigate and experience different lifestyles through experimentation and demonstration. Dimitry: The Swiss Army Knife of the project is a cinematographer who can manage all types of situations. Dimitry leads the project conceptually with a focus on image production as director of photography. Pierre: A great administrator and mediator, Pierre is always at ease with touching base with people on-site, triggering the right opportunities to expand our network and bringing more collectivity and unity to our project. Pierre also provides invaluable support in the creation of the decor and the scenography. Thank you, Pierre! Jules: An Artist-Musician, Jules sets the ideal tone by creating the soundscapes of the documentary. Occasionally, the sound recordings will add another dimension to the documentary with further qualities of imagination and abstraction. With the help of the fundraiser, as you can see in the next part, we will finance the filming of the remaining sequence and the postproduction of the documentary. What happens if we exceed our target of 5,000 euros? Depending on the amount of money raised and depending on how this project develops, this first shoot may lead to a second, or even a third, which will feed the first shoot. And after? We strongly believe that films have the potential to infuse the consciousness of ideas for positive change. Our ambition is to produce documentaries involving citizens to trigger initiatives. This 20-minute documentary series aims to serve as a reading tool to reinterpret social constructs. Each documentary dissects a commonly accepted reality through experimentation and demonstration. After this documentary about Time, we wish to follow up with one about comfort, productivity, boredom. This series of documentaries will constitute a collection of values ​​that advocate for an "Art of living".

Allocation of funds

Aim of this fundraiser All proceeds collected will firstly be used to sponsor our administrative budget plan to Sommarøy. Secondly, these funds will allow us to finance some filming equipment to complete our toolkit and lastly be used for the post-production stage of the filmmaking! Administrative budget plan: 2,100 € Food for 3 people • 220 € We ran a test estimate in May 2021 which allowed us to assess the cost of food for three people. We have concluded our daily food budget would amount to 9€ per person for a total of three meals per day. For a total of 8 days, we account for 220€ for three people. International travel expenses for 3 people round-trip • 850 € This is the amount to be paid for three return plane tickets between Paris-Tromsø-Sommarøy with a checked-in suitcase for our equipment! 8-day accommodation for 3 people • 840 € We are planning to spend seven nights in an Airbnb at Sommarøy with a budget of 35 euros per night and per person. On-site traveling expenses • 170 € Sommarøy is quite poorly served by public transportation. We will have two trips to take between Sommarøy and Tromsø for the arrival and return via a hired car and driver. Coffees • 20 € While shooting moving images is great, editing them is even better! We will need coffee to make it through the week and anticipate the assembly of the videos! Film making • € 2,100 We are fortunate to be equipped with a Canon R6 full-frame camera and the necessary lenses, as well as a good Zoom HN4 microphone. We seek your help to supplement this filming gear toolkit for professional shooting. This is an ambitious investment to ensure quality footage. Storage • 650 € We need your help to finance a G-tech 12TB storage hard drive. It will permit us to securely backlog six days of continuous filming, and later on, store the entire project in 4K format which will quickly weigh heavily in storage. Drone DJ Mavic Pro 2 rental • 400 € This is a high-quality drone that allows us to establish scene beginnings and footage of the environment. This allows us to capture aerial shots of the island with great flexibility to film the magnificent natural environment on site! A batch of spare batteries • 250 € To allow us to shoot continuously during the day, we will need to supply our kit with three batteries for the external screen and one for the camera. Yes, the expected -2°C will drain our batteries rapidly! Micro Tascam • 250 € This little microphone clips onto the collar. It will be very practical to record during the interviews we plan to conduct on-site. Video tripod • 200 € As an essential element for filming interviews, the tripod will allow us to stabilize our footage without any problem while also shooting stable panoramic views. Complementary accessories. 200 € Windbreaks for the microphones, technical gloves to be able to film in the cold, and a series of duplicate cables in case a breakdown occurs! Camera stabilizer • 150 € This will allow us to shoot scenes with spacious movements, as well as wide and continuous panoramas. At this time of year, the weather in Sommarøy feels like a bowl of fresh air, so we should be able to stabilize beautiful images with that! Human Resources • 1,000 € All the people who will work on the project are volunteers. Nevertheless, we would like to ask for extra help with technical and final touches. Editing • 500 € During the logging and assembly of rushes from our two-week shoot, a little helping hand for the editing will be more than welcome! Sound mixing • 500 € Despite a versatile team, sound mixing is outside our area of ​​expertise. We wish to hire a specialist for the final mix.


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