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Indilis means Indigo Limited Series!

Indillis is a young company with a unique concept of high-end ready-to-wear 100% French clothing.

The company makes and sells clothes and accessories designed by young French freelance designers. Our brand offers a visibility platform to the young French artists by giving them the ways to make their collections in his workshop from Rouen, in Upper Normandy.

We work with noble materials and produce in limited edition in a ethical and responsible way to guarantee the best quality possible for our creations.

Our label of manufacturing "Made in France" and the selection criteria of our creators is a guarantee of quality.


The creator has the choice to supply his own parts with the label "Made in France" or to manufacture in our workshop.

The Indillis team provides personalized order tracking and home delivery.


In brief: Indillis is therefore an alternative for those who wish to get dressed in an original way and 100 % French.






Today, the platform offers a selection of products for woman from 3 Norman designers, Fanny Leroy, Kazisalu and Valérie de Saint Andrieu. The proposed sizes go of 36 to 42 and vary according to the designer. Indilis will also propose a range of menswear, children as well as a series of accessories to accompany his creations.


Very soon, one of our designers will propose a collection for tall people.


We will also offer  jewelry and fashion accessories designers on the website.


Our platform proposes a free delivery all around the world.




Shirt Pushpa

Slim fit shirt in Viscose, tie neck, sleevless, front opening. € 69,00




Blouse Camille

Net Muslin, Loose, Tie Neck, Black Bias binding, puffed sleeves, ivory camisole zipped. € 129,00




Blouse Jenny

Cotton Blouse, box pleat in front, asymmetric back and front, closed back by snaps, round neck, sleeveless. € 69,00




Blouse Cathy

Muslin blouse, sleeveless, wrinkled in front, yellow camisole in satin. € 69,00





Shorts Monika

High Waisted Shorts in cotton, pocket incorporated in the sewing. € 59,00





Find your size:







Our workshop work in particular with the Norman designer Nicolas Le Cauchois. Today World-famous designer, his first collection in 1999, was encouraged and sponsored by Mister Christian Lacroix personally.

Other collaborations are being negotiated with young with young designers.


 Cutting table made by hand:




Our industrial equipment:








Supporting Indilis, this is to participate in the continuity of an 100% original French activity, on which I work from over two years.


My demands of helps with banks did not carry their fruits. Why? According to banks the on-line fashion is not an expanding business (Wrong!) the percentage of population who buys on Internet increases every year. Always according to them, I would have launch into the large-scale production (Wrong and wrong!): it's the very opposite of my project!


Namely: making 100% hand-made, creating jobs and personally accompanying my customers.



Allocation of funds



So I invested my own savings in the purchase of professional sewing equipment, the hiring of a seamstress, the rent of the workshop, in the development of the e-commerce platform, in the purchase of fabric for the first stock, and the accessories of sewing …


In brief, I created Indillis! 


But today, I need you to continue the adventure!


To put more consequent financial resources on communications tools, to obtain the label France Origin Guaranteed, to acquire an industrial ironing table, an overloack machine, a blind hem machine, a vertical cutting scissors, and to build up a stock allowing to honor your counterparties!




If the campaign goal is reached, I will be forever grateful and I can never thank enough all those who supported me and supported the project. We can continue to help designers be known and developed us serenely. Indilis project is the beginning of a large project that will be explain in another campaign.


Special thanks to Fanny Leroy, seamstress and designer of the company and his family, the Artistes et modèles en seine Association, Claire, Marie-Christine and the models, Laury, Melanie, Melissa, Alison, the designers who trust us, Nicolas Le Cauchois, Valérie de Saint Andrieu, Romain Brifault, Elodie Oberle, Fanny Leroy and Kazisalu and my family for their support.







Joe Thomas is the CEO of Indilis Company. He created the company like a start-up, around a main idea, to help freelance French high-end designers to expand their activities.


Fanny Leroy, designers in high-end made-to-measure manufacture, decided to join the adventure to look after the Indilis workshop.

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