Help us create ultimate studying experience!


The project

Igor and Aleksandar started this idea in the early months of year 2014, with an idea to create fun and interesting way of learning.  Igor, Young and enthusiastic man who got some time passed in life from university but still learning a lot of things, and Aleksandar, student of Mathematical University wanted to create ultimate way of preparing all sorts of tests, exams, studies, no matter if You want to pass Driving exam test, or You need to learn something quick, because the exam time is close. 




On our website  You can see how much we have achieved on our own. We have successfully completed first version of iStudyExam application, available for iPhone 5 and higher devices, and we are working very very hard to complete iPad and iPod touch versions.



Of course, we want to continue and build iStudyExam on every single platform, and available to everyone, but we are really short of funds, and we can't continue spreading it that fast without Your help. 





System is very very complicated and it will be raising to its top in future. Functionalities of this first version of an application can be seen on short video presentation: 







Why fund it?

Help us achieve this goal, and bring new, ultimate and fun way of learning to everyone at the world! This funds will secure us funding next big segments of application development: -Strong servers for working with system online.

-Supportive framework adaption, and logging.

-Improvements on development machine so application can be developed fast and professional

-Great graphical improvements

-Ability to take a picture next to the question.

-Ability to share already prepared test with a friend or with the whole world!

And many more improvements that are yet to come. If You see this vision as we are seeing it, be a part of it. Help us achieve our dreams!  iStudyExam team: Igor Bodlovic Aleksandar Adzic.




My name is Aleksandar and I am 21 years old. I am living in Zemun, Belgrade, in Serbia, and I am studying IT at Mathematical University of Belgrade. I have started this great project with my friend Igor, who is sharing the same ideas and thoughts about iStudyExam. We are ready to provide the world with great new way of learning, and we are giving our... See more