An Italian-American NY mosaic artist living in Belgium?!? Help fund my quest in discovering my identity at an artist residency in Torino, Italy.


The project






I was born in New York to an American mother. My father is from Italy. I have lived for the last 11 years in Belgium. Who am I? On paper, I am Italian-American. Although I grew up in America, I do not feel American. And - with all respect - I am certainly not Belgian. I am Italian? While I feel most associated with this nationality, I have never lived in Italy. How can I 'be' Italian when I do not even know the 'being' of the country itself? Who am I in Italy?


These are the questions that I want to explore while at the artist residency Fusion Air in Torino, Italy during the summer. This exploration of country and self will be interpreted in my primary medium: mosaic. This medium (with its origins in Italy) is not a coincidence, but a conscience choice I took in 2008 when I started working with glass and marble.


The result of this exploration will be an exhibition of my work at the gallery Fusion Art. 


An overview of my current work can be found on my website:



What is mosaic in relation to the Accessible Art Fair?




Why fund it?





With your support, I can pursue my passion...which is not only to create beautiful art, but my ultimate dream is to give a piece of myself to others and leave something behind for future generations. In my attempt to create work that is 'everlasting', I only use the finest of materials: Italian glass and gold glass (smalti) as well as marble.


In addition, your funding will help me in this specific case to create a series of work that focuses on my identity as an American-Italian. The piece will be composed of marble and gold glass and will take on its own life throughout the course of my time at the residency. Each experience that I will have in Torino will be reflected in the body of work. 


The funds collected will support the following:

Residency Costs: 1800 EUR

Materials (Marble & Gold Smalti): 1000 EUR

Transportation: 200 EUR


**I am very thankful and appreciative of any and all help. A huge thank you in advance!**







ARTIST’S STATEMENT Thanks to Lisa Allegretta’s rich background in design and fashion, she presents a new vision to the traditional Italian art of mosaic. Allegretta is half-Italian, half-American. She is originally from New York and is currently living in Brussels, Belgium. Allegretta uses a mixture of techniques, experiences and Italian glass... See more

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Hope you have fun, and report back ;-)
I wish you the best.Turino is an interesting Town.If Ennio Morricone gives a concert when you'll be there,don't miss it.bye bye!
Thanks Mr. Sonneville! I will do my best to make your cold, hard cash HOT! x x x