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The adventure All-Art continues and crosses the oceans and continents to arrive at the other end of the world, with our friends the Japanese.

It's a chance, a sign, an opportunity, you can call it what you want, but I see a way. A way that could open for and thanks to you.

The All-Art concept has been launched for a year now in France, encouragement and sales are the appointment, but the concept of 100% made in France is still difficult to reach us.

The desire to develop the brand and bring it where it could shine, we to bring my collaborator Jérémy Bru, a francophone who lives in Tokyo, and myself, to go to Japan.

Our path has crossed that of the big UNIQLO sign, and a collaboration is emerging between our two brands. The concept will remain identical to that already existing:

- Limited edition of 100 copies.

- Numbered and signed.

- 100% made in France.

- Exclusive works.

- Unique packaging and design.




An incredible chance for All-Art to collaborate with a brand whose name corresponds to the diminutive of "Unique Clothe" and which is very respectful and respected in Japan, but also to bring the French craft and our concept to the other end of the planet!

It's not only two people who will embark on this adventure but also our cabinetmaker, our manufacturer of tee-shirts, our printer, our engraver and all our speakers 100% French!


This is a "special japan" pack that is currently in the making. To take full advantage of our Japanese friends who appreciate luxury and French craftsmanship.





New prototypes, studies and a move to the UNIQLO headquarters in Tokyo are therefore to be expected in the coming months



Allocation of funds



Your help will allow us to finalize the prototyping phase of the packaging and also to meet Mr. Tadashi Yanai, CEO of the UNIQLO group.


The prototyping phase of the new special packaging Japan involves two items:


The first is that of the wooden box that will come to enhance and protect the pack:


- 90 € for the prototype of the wooden box.

- 230 € for the pyrographic impression.




The second is the foam padding system that will enhance and protect the pack:


-144 € for the prototyping of the wedging system.




Here is the finalization of the prototyping of our box "japan".


There will also be the Paris-Tokyo trip for the month of June (date of the appointment with Mr Tadashi Yanai):


-500 € for airline tickets.

-250 € for additional travel expenses.


For a total of 1214 €


Thank you in advance for your contribution to this beautiful adventure, it is thanks to our motivation, determination, will but above all to you all that we will be able to go far (to 9711 km) !!


Thanks to all


Romain Allart



Jérémy Bru

Collaborateur Basé à Tokyo



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