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Many people think fast food is unhealthy, fat and boring, we are here to prove them wrong. Healthy, young and unique, we are KOOC.

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KOOC BAO - le Burger Taïwanais

Something you never experienced is coming to the mediterranean neighborhood this summer, and we need your help opening our doors!

Many people think fast food is unhealthy, fat and boring, we are here to prove them wrong by serving the Taiwanese burger which is made by ingredients coming from eco-friendly, well protected terroir in Taiwan and France. All we want to do is infusing the pure flavors into our healthy fast food. We are the combination of healthy, young and unique. We are KOOC, and we are going to make you taste one of the best fast food you ever tried.




Our Story

KOOC is about healthy, young and unique.
Taiwan stuns the European since 16th century by the nature beauty, the variety of agriculture production and the potential of cuisine, making them call her « Formosa ». The deep culture heritage of Taiwan is shown especially on the food. Influenced by its Chinese, Japanese and aboriginal history, taiwanese cuisine is a big melting pot that brings flavors and cooking techniques to a very high standard. This precious island is where our chef Emma LI comes from. Geoffroy CHALVIN, on the other hand, is our designer and co-founder of KOOC. Together, we want to create a brand that spreads the new lifestyle by providing a Taiwanese culture experience, based on healthy food, extraordinary design and original products.

Our goal

• The KOOC healthy fast food trend, by Taiwanese culinary art & street food spirit. 
• To provide the truly local & organic Taiwanese products, directly from the farms.
• KOOC restaurant franchise market. Expand KOOC brand in Europe.


Executive reasons

• On the « Traveller » newsletter 2015, Japanese ramen is the pass of trend, Korean street food is on the trend, and Taiwanese burger is the next trend.
• On « National Restaurant Award » , the BAO restaurant becomes the new asian cuisine trend on the 2017.
• Asian street food is consistently rising as the cuisine inspiration for gastronomy to royal family.
• Statistic shows that in 2016, the French has eaten 1.19 billion burgers in one year. And the number is still rising every year. 
• The reason why burger tastes so good is because of the high level of salt, sugar and fat. 
• The healthy and affordable food is still not easily access enough for students and some families in France.


Our solution

• Making the burger which is much healthier, with lots of flavors and tastes good.
• Gua Bao, which is known as the name Bao, is a Taiwanese street food popular in all around the world in the recent years. This moisture and light steamed-bread consists a slice of stewed meat and other condiments. By its semi-circular forms with horizontal folding, it shows the concept of the trendy burger but so much easier to enjoy without any mess, and the most important, much healthier! 



The restaurant

In order to open up the market of Taiwanese cuisine and BAO in France, we start from the most friendly and easy-to-reach restaurant style : Fast Street Food Restaurant. The asian street food culture has its appeal to attract human being, based on its simplicity, convenience, and affordability. Also, it psychologically uses its appearance, scents and aromas to make the product be irresistible.

The chef and menu consultant are Taiwanese and are well knowledge by profond true Taiwanese cooking history and technique. The ingredients in KOOC BAO restaurant are mostly coming from local Taiwanese farmers, who provide us the pure, organic ingredients (which are also protected by Ministry DOC).

Only with 10€, KOOC BAO provides you the healthy, affordable and high quality Taiwanese burger with renovation vegetable chips (which is much cheaper and healthier than in the French burger restaurants!). We offer the local students, family residents and tourists our BAO fast street food service every week day. For the weekend, we create a cozy tapas/bistronomic atmosphere, serving you the chef’s creations based on Taiwanese cuisine inspiration.


The products

By cooperating with Taiwanese ministry of DOC, we are able to select original organic products from the local farms in Taiwan. What those KOOC purchasers are buying is not just a products, but a spirit of supporting Green, Eco-friendly and non-polluted Products. We create a KOOC society to spread our brand’s lifestyle and our new potential clients in Europe.

The design

With the experience in luxury, graphic and fashion design, our designer provides his unique creations for our logo, packaging, website, etc. Based on the young concept of KOOC, the design is colorful and graphic, which jumps out from the common sense of healthy image. With some very Pop graphic inspirations, using a colorful 2D-3D dimensions perception work, we can distinguish our products and services completely with other asian restaurations.


altMajor in Psychology in National Taiwan University, She started her cuisine career in 2014 in Ferrandi, PARIS. Has worked at Michelin restaurant Le Jardin des Plumes, Gare au Gorille and Restaurant Tondo in Paris as second de chef.Cooperated with Eric Guerin, Sven Chartier, Simone Tondo. Also a food blogger and restaurant consulter.


Born in Lyon, he has been in Paris for 7 years as an art director for various fashion luxury brands. At the same time he is also a photographer, music producer and foodie. His company has cooperated with classic luxury brands such as Givenchy, Hermes, Swarovski, Fendi…etc.


Allocation of funds


Now that you know everything, let's talk numbers! We put all our heart (and our savings) in this project and have already presented it to an entreprenor network that is going to help us out. We will need to ask for a loan from banks and investors in order to make most of the big spends (buy the place and do the construction). But we need your support to convince them that this project is alive and serious! 


We want you to be part of the journey and have made it possible to contribute in different ways. Take a look at the overview financial expense carte below to find out where the spends will be organized for the first three months. Our restaurant opening depends on the result of this crowdfunding, and we cant wait to make this WIN-WIN happen in order to present you our BAO!


Your participation makes us get even closer to our goal! Read more to find out the specific rewards our funders can have in the side bar.
The raised money will directly go to Geoffroy CHALVIN's bank account, and will only be used to finance the KOOC restaurant.



Thank you so much for your interest and support! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions about the project. And we will always give you posts for the project update on this website, our Facebook and Instagram.

With love and gratitude!

Geoffroy & Emma


Choose your reward

For €10 and more

A BIG thank you + a postcard

We'll send to you a customized postcard, with a beautiful picture from our studio.
  • Backers: 9
  • Delivery June 2018

For €30 and more

One offered Bao menu + 2 postcards

One offered Bao menu once we'll be open + one drink + a big hug! + We'll send to you 2 customized postcards, with 2 beautiful pictures from our studio.
  • Backers: 19
  • Delivery September 2018

For €60 and more

KOOC VIP Card + One offered Bao menu + 3 postcards

One VIP card that gives you -10% on the Bao Menu for one year. + One offered Bao menu once we'll be open + one drink + a big hug! + We'll send to you 3 customized postcards, with 3 beautiful pictures from our studio.
  • Backers: 10
  • Delivery September 2018

For €90 and more

Launch party invitation for 2 persons

We invite you to the launch party to meet you, including an open-bar of Baos, some great tapas style dishes prepared by our chef and a lot of surprises. All for free of course!
  • Backers: 2
  • Availability: 28/30
  • Delivery September 2018

For €150 and more

One traditional Taiwanese tea set + one VIP Card

We'll send to you a beautiful traditional tea set, directly imported from Taiwan! + One VIP card that gives you -10% on the Bao Menu for one year.
  • Backer: 1
  • Availability: 14/15
  • Delivery September 2018

For €300 and more

A diner for 2 + a Bed&Breakfast night + a tea set

A great diner for 2 persons, prepared by our Chef + a night in a very cosy Bed&Breakfast + a beautiful traditional tea set, directly imported from Taiwan!
  • Backers: 2
  • Availability: 13/15
  • Delivery September 2018

For €500 and more

An asian cuisine class for 2 persons + a diner

Our chef offers you a private asian cuisine class + a great diner for 2 persons
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery September 2018

For €1,000 and more

One private event for 20 persons + Launch party invitations

You'll be able to organize a private event in the restaurant for 20 persons, all included + We invite you to the launch party to meet you, including an open-bar of Baos, some great tapas style dishes prepared by our chef and a lot of surprises. All for free of course!
  • Delivery September 2018

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