Kréolokoz - projet 2e album

Kreolokoz creates a colorful and fresh music, playing the drums, guitar, whistles, and others. Their poetry pays tribute to Creole Culture.

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Kréolokoz - projet 2e album


Kreolokoz released their first album “Poézi Péi Natal” in November 2010 (available on iTunes). This year, the band is back in the recording studio to produce their second album. 



Faithful to the band’s spirit, this new album will be colourful, fresh and full of authentic songs. Original for their music and perfectionist for their texts, Kreolokoz’s future can only be promising.


Kreolokoz will move you with their romances, they will take you some place where your soul will be brightened up. Their poetry will make you feel alive again.


Fruity, flowery and sour: this second album needs your support to give off its dreamy scent.




“So, who are we? Who is Kreolokoz?”


Kreolokoz plays the drums, the piano, the guitar, the Indian whistle and the brass. Only magic comes along with their music. They create Creole poetry, which thrives between tradition, innovation, and all of this truly pays tribute to Reunion Island, its culture and multiple essences. 







You can watch two video clips from the first album on the links below: 





Clip Dousman, Sanm ou, Toultan 






  Clip Fonnkér pou Sofi 








NOV 2013 : Kreolokoz holding their first album after a concert. 




To thank you in advance, “Déstinasion”, a song from their new album is free to download on our website.


Allocation of funds



What will we do with the donations? (€10,000)


Your donations will help us during the production of this new album:


€6300 => Recording studio (Sound take+mixing+mastering) 


€3000 => Production of the booklets (20 pages) + production of 1,500 copies


€700 => Taxes regarding the mechanical reproduction



If we reach €10.000, the album will be released in October 2014 thanks to your help!



Self-produced and self-financed, Kreolokoz has never relied on any grants. The band will be financing some of the expenses related to the upcoming album (marketing, rehearsals and the musicians’ salaries). 



The band has been lucky enough to have an amazing audience all along, and today, they’re hoping to see that they can count on their fans. Also, Kreolokoz is hoping to move more and more people with their music… from any parts of the world!



If the donations ever exceed the target, Kreolokoz will be able to have a better commucation regarding the album. Plus, they will be able to produce more copies. 





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Estimated delivery: October 2014

" Pack Sik Siro Domièl " Vous recevrez le nouvel album dédicacé, dès sa sortie et une bague Kréolokoz Collector en Résine ... (support réglable / diamètre de la bague 3,5 cm) (voir ci-joint le visuel en prototype) D'autres visuels seront publiés tout au long de la collecte
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Estimated delivery: October 2014

" Pack Sofi " Vous recevrez la bague originale du clip "Fonnkér pou Sofi " (Résine + Pâte polymère / diamètre 3,5 cm / support bague réglable) + la lettre originale du clip ! Modèles uniques ! Grande valeur pour les fans ! Vous recevrez également le pack " Piouk Piouk Bonkér "
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