Noah presents

Noah's Ark

The Ark is an ambitious project, design and ecological that is destined to animal lovers…


The project

In these difficult times, all animal species are endangered. The project is to build a huge ark to protect all the creatures on the planet. Then I hear a question that burns your lips: Why a boat?




After realizing that humanity was totally corrupted, the Lord told me he was going to fall on Earth a huge Delu… a few drops of rain… finally a light drizzle, to show his displeasure. But do not worry, nobody will be drowned in these devastating waters! At least, not animals… Well it depends on you and your donations!



Why fund it?

To be honest, initially the project does not come from me, it is a command. But as you know the Lord has left men free will and I find myself facing a lot of obstacles including financial. The campaign will be used to adjust the final stages of the project and more precisely:


1) the purchase of tools to make the hull waterproof




2) the trek through the jungle to capture the last missing animals


3) the making of windbreakers and waxed


And then, with € 5,000 you save all the animals. Otherwise you will choose ... Unicorns for example, it appeals to children, it would be a shame not to save them. You really want to be responsible for the extinction of unicorns? If you do not do it for you, do it for your kids…





Here are some examples of rewards that I offer:


For € 10, I offer you an autographed photo.




For € 50, I offer you one of my inventions.




For € 150, I invite you to the opening ceremony of the Ark with VIP entrance to "Noah's".




Noah, son of Lamech, tenth line from Adam through Seth. I'm 583 and I live in the desert, away from the market society. DIY inventor in my spare time, I am very close to nature. If you want to know more about me you can find my biography in a book entitled "The Genesis" by Editions "Old Testament."

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Et pendant le déluge, que deviennent les humains ?

Effectivement, c'est une bonne question. Je vais en parler au Seigneur et je reviens vers vous asap...