L'Atelier Pâtissier

A unique pastry shop with fresh patisseries, a takeaway offer, pastry classes and a catering offer.

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L'Atelier Pâtissier


Who are we?




Alice and Benjamin, a couple of young French entrepreneurs.


Alice, 25 years old, has a master in management from a business school and a pastry degree she acquired working in a fancy pastry shop in France.


Benjamin is 24 and owns a bachelor in cost accounting and financial controlling.


Together, we gather the key competences to run a pastry business. We chose to become entrepreneurs, as we both want to live out our passion for pastry. We have a huge motivation and we are ready to work hard to make sure our project becomes successful!




What do we want to do?


L’Atelier Pâtissier is a unique pastry concept store.


We will offer season-based, fruity and fresh products, which will integrate multiple influences and inspirations. We plan to have our offer change regularly to enable our customers to try various things: macarons, tartelettes, éclairs, and much more. We will work with fresh and non-industrial ingredients. We’ll also provide a take away offer of different kinds of pâtes à tartiner.





L’Atelier pâtissier will also host pastry cooking classes, where everyone can come and learn pastry techniques in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Eventually, we will also provide a catering offer for all kinds of events: cocktails, weddings, corporate events, gatherings, etc.


With this combination we create a unique universe where our customers can feel like they are part of a community.








As we started to explore the world of pastries, we came to notice that very few pastry shops were changing their offer along the year, or were able to integrate recipes and influences from other countries.


Also, you could either buy, or learn to make, but not both. We asked ourselves: why not? It gave us the motivation to create a pastry shop where nothing would be impossible or forbidden, and where the customer would feel that its wants and needs are being taken into account.


We led a thorough marketing study in early 2014 on more than 120 people, and what came out of it was that people were tired to see the same things over and over again; they wanted more originality, freshness and quality. And they also wanted something they could put their hands and hearts into, something they also could share with friends.








We plan on opening our first store in July 2014.

Depending on our ability to reach our initial goals, we would want to open new stores within 5 years in France, and we are contemplating the opportunity to go international if we are successful





Allocation of funds


Pastry baking requires a lot of equipment and investment. We need tons of things, among which this machine:





This machine will be a great help to get the macarons, choux and other cookies ready. We plan to sell thousands of them a year, and it’s a lot of work to make them solely by hand.


But a problem is that it costs a lot! With 5000€, we could find a second hand machine. And if we are able to overreach our collecting target, or even double it, we might be able to get ourselves a brand new one instead.


So what do you say? Do you want to be a part of this adventure, no matter where you’re from? Do you want to help two bold and young entrepreneurs and be one of those people without whom it would not have been possible?


We would be extremely grateful for any help we can get. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question you might have!


Meet us on facebook: L'Atelier pâtissier - Alice & Ben

And on twitter: L'Atelier pâtissier


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