La Faim du Monde 2017

Be part of the fight against food waste by helping the cross of the Atlantic in padle boat, using only over due food.

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La Faim du Monde 2017


A new route from Paris to New York by bike and pedal boat to cross the Atlantic. In order to raise awareness and bring solutions to food waste, all the food on board will be overdue (best before:).


In 2014 a first trip was made from Paris to Warsawsee video. This project received an award from the French ministry of agriculture.



Planned for 2017 the project will allow to communicate on a petition asking to remove or change completely the « best before » dates on products where it is completely unnecessary.

A lot of people, consumers, still think that going passed these dates by a year or more will make them ill, whereas it may be eaten in over 10 years past the dates on pasta, cans, honey, or so many other products that end up thrown away. 

A better understanding would allow us to reduce dramatically food waste without changing any comfort to our lifestyle.


The stock of over due product has already started, with about 3 kilos of rice and beans as far as: « best before: 2007 » have been found and collected.

Allocation of funds


The biggest cost for the project will be the boat itself, 7,5 metres long, made to cross the Atlantic. The financial plan is 20 000 € from crowdfunding 20 000 € from endorsement and 21 000 € auto financed.


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