La Gente Feliz

Help me to go to Santiago de Compostela to photograph smiles... A project about little successes that have big echoes!!!

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La Gente Feliz

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My name is Alice, I am a second year student in Fine Art - Media at the National College of Art and Design (Dublin, Ireland)

Coming from a drama and dancing training, I create my project from my body experience of the world.

What brings me to the Camino de Santiago which I walked twice.



The Camino francés, from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (France) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)


The first time, I was 9 and walked from Burgos to Santiago de Compostela with my father, Sylvie and my little sister. The second time, I went on my own on the summer of my 23rd birthday (the red feet are mine!)



I know the Camino's stories, I have even been one of them!

I know the personal challenge it could be, often way more than only going to Santiago.

I know that everybody has their reason to be on that path.





(David who offers water to the pilgrims after a dry and hard part on the hills before Astorga. Translation: « Big changes are made by little details » )


For that reason, I would like to be for 7 days or more, waiting for the pilgrims to arrive at the end of the Camino - the Cathedral's place in Santiago - and print my 35mm film with their smile, and receive if they want to share it how do it feels to have done it.

Then, I will make an edition from that joys and personal successes.


The project is called «  La Gente Feliz »   what means in Spanish « Happy People »



My 1999 and 2013 Compostelana, overlapped with a drawing I stenciled after the Camino.

Allocation of funds

That dream needs support to come true…





The first part of the project, which is going to Santiago and take the photographs, and needs a minimum of 830€:

The return ticket in bus from France to Santiago is around 200€. Then, everyday - counting the accommodation, the meals and the photographic rolls - costs me 90€ (7days=630€)



To that budget, I have to add the cost of the rewards (the most wonderful smiles will be printed on badges, calendars, bags…) and the commission the bank and the website take on the amount I would have been able to collect.

This gives a total of 1500€




This is wonderful news and opens two possibilities:

Or, every 100€ going over the target add a day in Santiago for more photographs and more smiles! (90€+commission)

Or, you support the second part of the project...which is the future of the best photographs (if it goes well, it can bring to an exhibition on a gallery)

It is you to choose, you just have to mention your choice in comment after you donation!





First, because it is a need to support the little joys and simple things…you are taking position in the smiling side!


Then, because we want to spread that joy and make it shine around us, I made up accessories that are going to be printed with the most wonderful smiles.


And to be sure to make you smile, this little test will tell you what happy person you are:



Find out your answer in the drop-down menu on the right!

So? What happy (wo)man are you?  Does that look like you? Share you result!

It doesn’t look like you but you had a good time? Share the test! or do it again… ;)




Thanks for your attention, I hope I give you the will to support that project!!!

Talk to you soon for some fresh news!!!!




© photographs by Sara Mancini

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