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Project visual LA MER ET SES VAGUES
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Selim is the forgotten watchman of a defunct lighthouse. The better part of his time is spent watching, from his perch, the movements of passers-by on the Beirut corniche. One day whilst bored, he thinks he sees, between the crowds, the sea metamorphosed into a woman, coming to drag him to his death in her underwater kingdom.

Through an enchanting ride, the film describes the vertigo experienced by a man lost amidst ultra-modern skyscrapers, ruins of war, and Lebanon’s countless temples. 





From the tragic tales told by sailors to lyrical epics telling of long voyages, the sea is an unending source of inspiration. Viewed from the ancient ruins that abound on its shores, one cannot help but think of those who stood there before us. The film will be the occasion to reawaken forgotten myths of the Mediterranean. It will at times also take the form of a musical comedy through the character of the intriguing siren. From the real emerges the strange, and from the strange, the extraordinary. As one of the story’s characters asks, forming the foundation of this story: ‘are we no longer capable of dreaming?’ 





The main character of the lighthouse watchman will be played by Jihad Darwish, a Lebanese storyteller:






The siren will be performed by Daline Jabbour, a singer specialized in traditional songs: 




Discover her voice at the following link :



The musical score will be specially composed by Marcel Khalife, a Lebanese composer popular throughout the Arab world:



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The poster for our last documentary film on the recent urbanisation of Beirut. It is still being shown in festivals before being posted online...



Allocation of funds


Your assistance will cover exclusively the smooth running of the shooting of the film, which will take place over three weeks, and is budgeted as follows:


One camera rented for three weeks: 800 euros

One sound kit rented for three weeks: 600 euros

Camera dolly rented for three weeks: 300 euros

Steadycam and operator rented for two days: 400 euros

A waterproof case for shooting underwater: 100 euros

Payment for the two main actors: 1200 euros

Rental of costumes and accessories for three weeks: 400 euros

Rental of scenery and decor: 400 euros

Cost of transport and meals for the actors and technicians for three weeks: 800 euros.


This budget is the minimum that we could obtain from equipment rental companies. It is essential to the successful completion of the film. Raising more than the amount stated above will greatly help us by enabling us to pay a part of our technicians’ salary. Your support is therefore very important to us!

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