Le Moineau des mots : théologie et poésie

Hello wannabe "mécène"! This french speaking poetry project is seeking generous helpers to come to life!

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Le Moineau des mots : théologie et poésie

Hello English speakers! 


My name is Françoise. For several years I have been writing poetic and meditative texts in French under the pen name - Moineau des Mots.

Then, gradually, the idea of writing a "Gospel in poetry" emerged.


The first excerpts I shared on different occasions, (a contribution to blogs and printed journals, use during liturigical moments....) moved  those who heard or read them, whether these people had manifest faith or were non- believers.


With this  encouragement, I felt I must continue and complete the project of a real story in poetry, in the footsteps of the Man of Nazareth, and also of our own lives and our fervent desire to understand its meaning. Starting from these scattered texts, I would write a book.


And this is where YOU come in!


I already have forty pages of rough copies. To finish the project, I need time to concentrate and bring the project to completion, time to write the missing parts, add  the finishing touches and prepare for publication.


I would like to complete my project next year while I finish studying. This means the Moineau project and a master's thesis in theology (on the psalms of supplication) will be carried out simultaneously.


The poetic project is theological and the thesis is poetic, they are complementary.


For this I need a career- break, and also a sponsor, or rather sponsors, lots of sponsors, large and small, I need YOU.  I would like you to donate  money which would enable me to have time,  to enable me to leave my job for some months, and yet  be able to pay my rent, eat and............ feed my cat.


From me and also from him, a big thank you in advance!       


To see some of my texts, please visit the facebook page of Moineau des Mots      


Allocation of funds

HOW WILL THE FUNDS BE USED?                                                                                                                               

To finance a career-break.


I am planning a seven- month career-break, using my savings. As they are insufficient, I am appealing to you all;   friends,  family,  poetry lovers,  Moineau Facebook fans, or unknown people searching for liturgical texts.

I have the goal of raising 4000€ and therefore do need a lot of kissbankers!

Even the gift of a few euros could make all the difference!


You can support the project and encourage me by showing that my choice is worthwhile, and help me to realize it by giving what you can, and inviting friends and acquaintances to support the project and do the same. You could change my life.


You will be a sign of generosity, abundance and life.

Thank you.


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Une version imprimée du mémoire de master (oui, oui, celui sur les psaumes, les supplications, tout ça, tout ça, avec tous les noms de tous les généreux donateurs et donatrices dedans!) + contreparties précédentes
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