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Le Territoire Exemplaire

Implementation of an optimized territorial organization model based on devices allowing: The knowledge of the ecosystems and populations needs (research center on relocation). The organization of production according to material, human and circular resources, but also the distribution and consumption organization (activity center) The assistance of the populations and the actors of the territory to collaborate together, to organize the collective resolution of their life problems and to formulate a project of balanced territory. (Professionals of collective intelligence) Project designed and implemented by a geography researcher and local development consultant. The team Lakhdar Rayan Frigoulier Researchor in Geography and designor of local development projects (monnaie locale Aïga, Incroyable Prairie) 📷 Emilie Miras Collective intelligence facilitator Founder of the association Esprit des bois and facilitator of shared governance groups. 📷 To implement the project, in the start-up phase we will need human resources specialized in communication, networking and fundraising. To finance the project we will need to raise a minimum of 15,000 euros to create an endowment fund, the equivalent of a foundation. The rest of the money will be dedicated to the payment of skills and the acquisition of professional equipment for data processing, video production and editing and to facilitate communication, for the time being centralized. This ambitious project is the result of years of research, to provide you with a bottom-up solution to the major challenges of our time. This project is therefore in your interest, do not hesitate to participate, co-finance and share. Our future is playing its last moments. Understand the urgency and support projects like ours, especially those with great ambitions but based on simplicity.

Allocation of funds

We set a goal of 1,000 euros for the collection but we hope that you will exceed this goal to reach the 30,000 euros needed. Project start-up costs devoted initially to The acquisition of professional equipment, the acquisition of data and knowledge related to the theme of the Exemplary Territory and its different programs (research center on relocation, activity center, collaborative project of territory), but also data on the chosen pilot territory. The intervention of professionals devoted to the search for financing in order to feed the endowment fund which will itself serve to finance the different programs of the Exemplary Territory The intervention of professionals concerning the administrative and legal management in the start-up phase, The intervention of professionals to develop the institutional and scientific partnerships that are essential to the sustainability of the project. The creation of the endowment fund: the aim will be to constitute the reserve of 15 000 euros necessary for the creation of the endowment fund, these 15 000 euros will then be reused in the budget of the project. From the creation of the endowment fund A large part of the financial resources will be dedicated to the intervention of communication professionals who will elaborate an ambitious plan to make the project known to specific targets (activist influencers, international organizations, institutions, NGOs), but they will also continue to be allocated to the search for scientific and institutional partnerships, as well as to the administrative management of the endowment fund and to the search for funding, hoping that we have found other sources that will give the project an international dimension. 1st phase of the project before the constitution of the endowment fund 15,000 euros available for use Hardware and software for presentation videos, communication, online or offline conference. Total amount = 5 000 euros Subscriptions and software to facilitate the work, as well as the acquisition of data for statistical processing, acquisition of books, subscription to online university bookstores. Total amount 2 000 euros Costs of intervention of professionals in setting up and searching for financing, administrative and legal constitution, search for institutional partners, search for scientific collaborators. Total amount 5 000 euros Costs of establishing the association and then the endowment fund 2 000 euros 2nd phase: creation of the endowment fund 15 000 euros remaining Intervention costs of professionals for the implementation of the communication plan. Total amount 10 000 euros Professional fees for setting up and searching for financing, administrative management, searching for institutional partners, searching for scientific collaborators. Total amount 5 000 euros Help us exceed 1,000 euros and reach 30,000 euros


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