Les Chiens

On Christmas day a guy explains to a girl how to be the alpha male.

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Les Chiens

« Last spring, Angèle, who doesn’t know anything about nature, decides to have a dog ». Pierre

« Last spring, Pierre, who doesn’t know anything about love, decides to educate my dog ». Angèle

Talking about our love stories, we have tergiversated to the meaning of life for dogs. To them love, playtime and fight are at the same level of comprehension. They don’t have to hide feelings to live in society. Dogs we’ll be an excuse to talk about dominant and dependant relationships.

Angèle Chiodo



Allocation of funds

In February of this year we decided to shoot Angèle’s short film. As the weather was perfect for the project we had lots of snow, Santa and two dogs stars!

Now, the next step will be to work on the postproduction.  And for that we need your participation to pay the mix studio, the color grading, the music, and make the final digital copy (DCP, HDCam, DVD).

This way we will be able to show you a good comedy film done by a very talented team. 


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