Les Paris Rollergirls à la conquête des USA

Help the parisian roller derby team to fly to Florida for the first time and to meet american teams.

Project visual Les Paris Rollergirls à la conquête des USA
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Les Paris Rollergirls à la conquête des USA

What's roller derby ?


Roller derby is a full contact sport played on an oval track by athletes wearing "quad" roller skates. A bout is divided into two thirty minute halves, each half is divided into "jams" (like a round) that last up to two minutes maximum with a thirty second pause between each jam. Each team is composed of 14 skaters, but only 5 line up from each team for a jam: 4 blockers and one jammer. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.  




Paris Roller Girls


The Paris Rollergirls League was founded in 2010 under the impetus of American skaters who had moved to France.  These pioneers of French roller derby were able to recruit just enough members to form their first team: The All Stars Six years later the league consists of more than 100 members, 3 teams, volunteers, and the biggest officials crew in France. PRG was the 1st French league to become a full member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), the governing body of the sport at the international level. They play a leading role in the evolution of derby in France by also being affiliated with the FFRS. On the 13th of March 2016, French roller derby held its inaugural French Championships. The Paris Rollergirls All Stars had the honour of becoming the first ever winners of the title.  This event will go down in the history of French roller derby and the Parisian team.  The PRG All Stars won this title through their hard work at trainings, thanks to a game of interdependent team work and through sheer determination. The Paris Roller Girls All Stars are the very first Champions of France - Elite level!






The PRG are invited to the Beach Brawl in Florida!


After the national challenge, the PRG All Stars are taking flight for Florida. From the 13th to the 15th of May 2016 the Gold Coast Derby Grrls will be hosting their third edition of the Beach Brawl in sunny souther Florida.  At this annual tournament 18 teams from Europe and the United States will go head to head in officially sanctioned WFTDA games.

This is the first time that a French team will be attending an American tournament!





Allocation of funds

The Paris Roller Girls is an independent league that receives no public funding of any kind.  The personal and financial investment of the members of the league are what support the structure of the association and ensure our ability to practice our sport. By organising bouts at home, by selling snacks and merchandise, the PRG are able to finance a portion of their travel costs for competition and to support the leagues major functions.  However, this is not enough and the skaters, officials and other volunteers must personally finance a large portion of their travel costs. This invitation to an international tournament in the United States is an awesome opportunity for French roller derby.  However, this trip drives a large blow to our pocket books and we need your help to send us flying to Florida under the best possible circumstances.  


The team who is going in Florida has 15 players , 2 staff people , 1 referee and 1 photographer . The full cost of travel corresponds to : - Entrance fees for the tournament = 750 € - Price of the ticket per person = 550 € - Transport prices per person = 50 € - Accommodation price per person = 200 € - Price of meals per person = 50 € The total cost is about € 890 per person or  € 16 891 for the whole team

The funds you help us raise will primarily  pay for the fees to participate in Beach Brawl and then will be divided and distributed equally among the team members to reduce the cost of their trip. If the initial goal is reached, the rest of the funds will go to the association Paris Roller Girls to support the league development.





A big thank you to our partners who support us and help the development of our association :  Hawaiisurf, Téléperformance, Black Mad Crawler, Rivolux, le Quick de Chatenay Malabry, Nation Photo, Causette. Thank you as well to FFRS, CDRS75 and the council of Mayor of Paris.

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