07 Aug

And now ? D-6

I will never thank you enough for your devotion, not only did we reach our initial goal, but we also collected enough money to pay for kisskissbankbank fees. Now, you can still help us. A lot of people still haven't participated and we still have a lot of incentives left. 
At this moment, the next money we're going to collect is for our artist Chimère so that we can print his awesome illustrations; Ideally, we would need about 620 € (Or else, we will have to compromise and choose smaller sizes of print)
Would enyone be interested in pre-buying a print as an incentive? 
*255 € to print 10 illustrations sized 60x20 cm (24 euros a print +5% for kkbb )
*410 € to print  10 illustrations sized 90x30 cm (39 euros a print  +5% for kkbb )
*620 € to print  10 illustrations sized 120x40 cm (59 euros a print  +5% for kkbb )
Have a nice day
And as just for our  honorables donators, here is another piece of the exhibition. It will be modified but I can't resist and share it with you anyway.