Let's start with the good news first, we received Clara's second parcel a few days ago. We now have 7 complete outfits out of 10 !! It's always such a privilege to receive something from Japan, yet there is a special kind of excitement when one opens a Clara Maeda's parcel. From the effort put into the packaging, to the neat and delicate writing of the address, to the sweet pink tissue paper protecting her creations. And then, you get to discover the costumes in the flesh, em I mean in the fabric. Even after seeing them in pictures (yes ,we do plan on showing them to you eventually ! ), the sight is quite impressive. The flawless craftsmanship, the cutting precision and the finishing touches are juste astonishing. Each step of this project, makes me thankful to work with artists as talented as Clara !


The designer hatching her creations until the very last moment !




The recipient, quite overwhelmed :




A little sneak pic of the wonderful content : 





Let's switch to the less enjoyable piece of news. A member of our team has serious health problems, so we are now forced to postpone the 2nd photoshoot (planned for this weekend). Usually, we don't share the personal reasons for our delays. Yet, this time we had specified the date in a previous newsletter, and this was to be a pretty big step for us. We asked ourselves, if we should replace the person on the photoshoot set. Yet even if we're geographically challenged, we are a really cohesive team and we care about respecting each other's life rhythms. Whether our problems come from bad health, bad finances, or family issues, each of us has at some point in the timeline had a hard time. It comes with long project territories. But we started together and think that going on with one member short would be too tough on us. So this replacement question was unjustified. What is curious, is that this same question comes a few times in the novel. Here is not the time or place to unleash spoilers on anyone, but let's say that one learns a lot from one's characters. This is why we decided to prolong the waiting and delay this photoshoot. It will be rescheduled in 1 or 2 months. But you can count on us to keep you updated, we now start to have quite a lot of content to keep us and you busy.


In the meantime, please send kisses and support messages to our missing member, we'll forward them all. And thanks again for your ongoing patience !


Lucie Béluga and the Lady Marmelade team.