Often, when one writes a book, one is alone facing paper. Sometimes, when one creates such a project as Lady Marmelade, one can feel a little disheartened or powerless. Last Saturday, we held the overdue kissbankers tea party for those who chose this compensation. I can easily speak for Chimère and Sophie by saying that on this day, we were anything but alone. We truly felt each of you cheering us up through the present kissbankers. We felt rich and strong with your support. We weren't 10 at the table, but 209 ! And for someone used to scribble alone, there is no greater thing than being able to share a story with people who appreciate it. Just writing about it or sorting the pictures from Saturday makes me emotional and thankful.




We held the tea party at Rose Thé in Bastille. The tea parlor was extremely patient with my all vegan menu request. It was a first for the House and quite a success for my taste buds. Corinne (who owns Rose Thé) is quite the amazing cook so it was a pretty safe bet from the start. I wanted a cosy place to hold the event, as cosy as inviting people over to my home for tea. We were lucky, not only was it very sunny that day, but also the tea parlor wasn't jammed with people.






In between a piece of lemon fondant or chocolate cake, we showed 2 big prints of Chimère illustrations. He had come from Lille just for the day. We also presented 2 costumes of the project created by Clara Maeda and bought by crowdfunders. I was wearing a third costume, the one that would be the lightest to wear on a summer day. When it was time to leave, everyone got a gift bag with a spices mix and a jar of fresh homemade Charlotte's curd.




Time went by really fast, but I think that in between the news about the project and the laughter, we did have a few minutes to talk about some other things and just enjoy this peaceful parenthesis.




After this big landmark, the Lady Marmelade team needs to thank each of you again to help us bring this adventure to life. Thanks to Rose Thé. Thanks to Sarah, Laetitia, Pudding, Laurent, Emmanuel, Pierre, Lucie & Mickaël to have spent the day with us.


On a personal level, I also would like to thank my team who accepted this crazy challenge before we even knew it could become reality. Thx Chimère for creating such an unbelievable universe to write about. Thank you Sophie for your eyes coming from another century who can show things the way people aren't able to see them anymore. Thx to Leucosie and Clara, our brush and needle extraordinaires. We missed you on that day, but we thought fondly about you.


Are you ready for the next step ?


Lucie Béluga 


Ps : more pictures of the Tea Party on my facebook